A School For Unique People

A School For Unique PeopleRabash, “The Need For the Love of Friends”: Therefore, one must cling to the society…There is a special power in the adhesion of friends. Since views and thoughts pass from one to the other through the adhesion between them, each is mingled with the power of the other, and by that each person in the group has the power of the entire group.

In corporeal life a person is unconsciously drawn to society since his evil inclination pushes him to look for greater success and profit, and the greatest success for him is to establish himself in the eyes of others. Therefore, a person constantly examines what those around him consider good or bad and what is important for them. Accordingly, he establishes the parameters and determines his attitude to everything that happens. He is not even aware of that, but his opinion is totally based on what society appreciates, and without this a person would remain an animal.

The method of Kabbalah also raises a person from the animate to the human level but in a different manner. A person has to forcefully exert himself, in order to adhere to the right society; he has to know what it is exactly that he wants to buy from it. It’s only possible to acquire the values of society if one submits himself before it. Besides, he also needs to rise above the friends in order to bestow upon them the greatness of the goal and to uplift their spirits.

In these two ways of treating others, from below and from above, a person acquires the powers that he lacks. The powers that come to him are not egoistic, his ego isn’t increased like in this world where thanks to the influence of society a person receives an egoistic force that is ten times greater than his single egoistic force. Here he concedes and annuls himself, wanting to establish good relations and to convey joy and the greatness of the goal so that everyone, including himself, will submit themselves with regard to it and accept it by “faith above reason” no matter what. By that he doesn’t receive only a greater force than he had before, but a totally different force, the force of bestowal.

Thanks to his efforts, he receives the force of bestowal from the upper Light. If there is a group of ten (Minyan), then through it each one receives the force of bestowal from the source of bestowal above. Thus, a person acquires a force that is ten times greater, and is even corrected, with which he can advance.

This is the first phase of the spiritual path, and a person must constantly examine himself as to whether he really submits himself before the group. Perhaps it’s the ego speaking from inside him, thus confusing him in different ways. He should try to outwit this cunning snake that prevents him from being incorporated in the group.

This first level is the most difficult, and the sages say that “a thousand enter a room but only one comes out to the Light.” We have to take into account that our “school” is meant for unique individuals. The test is only in a group of ten. If we don’t look at the whole world, at yourself, and at the friends through the group of ten, you are always wrong.

A person can be part of a group, of some committee, or of some department, but if he doesn’t work in a group of ten, he cannot see anything but his ego.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/30/13

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