The Power Is In The Head

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a great qualitative part called “Israel” (ISR-EL) in the general desire to receive. This part was founded by those who left ancient Babylon together with Abraham, who yearned for a connection with the upper force, in contrast to the other Babylonians. But the main thing is that they need this connection in order to be the conductors of the Light to the nations of the world (WORLD).

Then it is said in the form of a fable that the Creator turned to the nations of the world and offered them the method of correction, but they were not able to accept its principles: not to murder, not to steal, etc. Indeed, our egoistic desires cannot fulfill the intention of bestowal by themselves and so they need a “head” that will give them the right intention.

 The Power Is In The Head
Thus the two parts of the general desire have to be together. They cannot be one without the other. First the part of Israel should be corrected, which means to have the right intention so that they will be ready to work with the desires. Then it will be possible to turn to the desires themselves, by correcting them by the intentions of bestowal.

It is important to understand a couple of subtleties here: We already know that the corrected desires are different from the uncorrected ones in their intentions. The intentions depend on Israel. So there is nothing we can demand from the nations of the world; the correction is up to Israel and its connection with the world. After the destruction of the Temple and the shattering, Israel sank into the egoistic intention, and so it is for this reason that it has to correct itself first. Then they will only draw and add the desires of the nations of the world to the right intentions and then the correction is guaranteed.

We have to focus and prepare for this moment: We operate consciously and we are aware of what we are doing, that the obligation of the correction is ours and we shouldn’t wait for the nations of the world to do something. Otherwise they won’t understand their dependence on Israel and will turn their demands and anger towards us. Clearly, this will only bring about disasters, since they are not corrected yet and cannot pressure us in any other way.

It is Israel’s spiritual and corporeal obligation to hasten the correction as much as we can. We cannot depend on the nations of the world in any way if we don’t influence them correctly and don’t bring out intention closer to their intentions.

On the whole it is a very simple schema, although it leads to many outcomes. “Israel” means “I have a head – Li – Rosh.” Everything depends on the head of the Partzuf. The third and final phase is different from the first initial phase as humanity acquires a “head” while the other desires remain the same.

The Power Is In The Head
So it turns out that the correction depends on Israel. The nations of the world who are the body of the Partzuf are seemingly waiting for Israel to be ready to give them their intention, to add the intentions of the “head” to the “body.” The body itself is passive and can only move in one direction. It can be much more clever than Israel with all the wisdoms in the world, but in itself it will not arrive at the idea of bestowal and so it cannot perform the correction.

Therefore no one has a solution for the current crisis. Humanity will find itself totally helpless and things can deteriorate to riots, murders, and wars. Eventually, it will put enough pressure on Israel so that it will build the intention correctly and will present the rescue method to everyone: “Let’s connect and unite. Join us.” This should be done as soon as possible.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/6/12, “Messiah’s Shofar”

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