Fear That Makes Us Worthy Of The Revelation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a well-known fable that describes the relationship between a person and the Creator. It is the fable about the guest and the host. After the host has set the table and put out all the refreshments for the guest, the guest feels great shame that simply burns him. He is ready to do anything as long as he doesn’t feel that shame. Then the host, feeling pity for the guest, creates concealment.

But what does he conceal? If the host just conceals himself, the guest will comfortably eat all the refreshments on the table and that will be the end. The guest will remain an unfeeling egoist that only knows how to receive and will go on existing only in the corporeal form totally detached from the host.

So it turns out that the concealment of the host alone is not enough. The pleasures should also be concealed and then played with by revealing them to the extent that the guest can repay the host with the same attitude that the host reveals to the guest in small portions.

All these three components: the pleasure, the feeling of the host, and the guest’s appetite should be revealed gradually and all three should be compatible to one another. Then the right conditions should be created for the guest in small portions, in which he will be able to establish the same attitude towards the Creator, with the same love that the Creator treats him.

How is that possible? The smallest degree on which the host reveals the pleasure in the refreshments and shows his attitude towards the guest is a great degree for the guest. This is because for him it is a new life, which he didn’t feel in the concealment. He should develop in him the readiness to treat the host this way in advance, just as the host treats him on the very first level. When the flavors of the refreshments are revealed, the guest will not have to deal with them, but will use them as a means: to receive them and build his love for the host above them.

So it turns out that the restriction and the Masach (screen) have to precede the revelation of the Light, the Creator. This means that first and foremost we need the fear of the Creator. A person must develop this attribute: awe, fear of not succeeding to bestow upon the Creator, constant worry about that; what if the Creator is suddenly revealed and I am not protected from the egoistic pleasure and will not be able to love Him back? The necessary preparation for the revelation of the Creator is in this fear.

This awe is on all the levels, but in different forms and in different intensity, but the awe is an essential condition. If a person acquires it, he is ready for the revelation of the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/3/12, Shamati #38

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