In A World Of Fears That Have Been Realized

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are on the level of preparation for the spiritual world called “this world.” In our state today, on this level, there are all the necessary conditions to stabilize in us the true spiritual fear that is the first commandment. It isn’t the kind of fear we feel in this world, it isn’t worries and corporeal fears a person is full of, as he constantly worries that something may happen to him, worrying about the past and the future, about what will happen to him and to those who are dear to him.

We are constantly living in this animal fear, and although in most cases we don’t perceive that. It is fear that guides us every moment of our life. But I have to restrict this corporeal fear and to build upon it the right fear—whether I can bestow upon the Creator, whether I will reveal His goodness and His love!

If instead of the corporeal fear I build a spiritual fear inside me, I will thus correct my desire.

This world was created for that purpose in order to exert one’s self in it and to move from corporeal fears to a spiritual fear. There is no shortage of corporeal fear; a person constantly fears something. This is our corporeal existence: in constant fear that I won’t lack anything, that I can feed myself, that I won’t be harmed, that my pride and honor will not be hurt. All my corporeal senses operate on fear, on keeping my personal boundaries, so that no one will be able to invade them.

Our work, however, is the opposite: It is about breaking our boundaries outwardly, opening ourselves and incorporating in others! Thus we break the boundaries that fear depicts for us. The boundaries of fear depict my image for me, my body. Then comes the next circle of fear, which depicts everything I see around me: my relatives, my home, and then more and more external circles.

This whole picture is depicted to me by fear, and it is only on this basis that my senses work. If the environment gives me the power and the yearning to exit myself, I will begin to feel how good it is to be outside my egoistic boundaries. Then I will use the power of the environment in order to restrict my corporeal fear and will acquire a true fear, the fear of the Creator, of worrying only about whether I can bestow upon Him and whether He will be revealed to me as the one who bestows upon me.

If I worry only about this one true fear, the Creator will give me the Masach (screen) and will reveal Himself before me.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/3/12, Shamati #38

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