The Bridge Connecting The Truth And Lie

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Letters of Rabash (No.16): It is known that it is impossible to see a small object and it is easier to see a large object. Hence, when a person commits a few lies, he cannot see the truth—that he is walking on a false path. Rather, he says that he is walking on the path of truth. But there is no greater lie than that. And the reason is that he does not have enough lies to see his true state.

But when a person has acquired many lies, the lies grow in him to the extent that he can see them if he wishes. Thus, now that he sees the lies—that he is walking on a false path—he sees his true state. In other words, he sees the truth in his soul and how to turn to the right path.

It follows that this point, which is a point of truth—that he is treading a false path—is the medium between truth and falsehood. This is the bridge that connects truth and falsehood. This point is also the end of the lie and from here on begins the path of truth.

We constantly strive for goodness, truth, and bestowal. However, when our efforts reach a certain degree, we feel exactly the opposite. We reveal that we exist in the lie: We don’t bestow and don’t wish for bestowal, but we care only about ourselves.

The Bridge Connecting The Truth And Lie
However, the realization of this deceptive state means the revelation of the truth! Although it’s not pleasant and a person doesn’t know what to do, if despite everything he once again strives for bestowal considering it to be good, if he is thirsty for the truth since truth is bestowal, then once again he finds himself even in greater deception. But this is truth! It’s true that he exists in the lie. So it continues until the lie becomes so huge that it becomes unbearable to stay in it. Then he screams in such a way that salvation comes to him.

There is the state by itself and there is a realization of one’s state. The closer our states come to be true states the more polarized they become.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/7/12

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