The New Image of the New Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanA society is neither you nor I, but something we create together between us in our good, mutual relationship. This is the image of Adam—Man. As we begin to transform our entire life to maintain this image as much as possible, we understand that even in our current lives, we do not need more to exist properly and reasonably, but the main thing is for a proper upper community that is above us to exist between us.

Moreover, it is easy to maintain because everyone aspires toward it. I feel that everyone has the same attitude as I toward this community, this group, Adam, and this constantly influences and supports me.

This is called the law of universal mutual guarantee, when everyone of us acts this way and understands that he is supporting the rest. By aspiring higher toward our common denominator, he demonstrates to everyone else how much he aspires toward it and sets the example for others, and, as we support one another in accordance with this, we very easily ascend and become fully included in the community with our hearts and minds.

Additionally, our animate level will remain a level below, and we will begin to feel the difference between them. I consent for the animate level to receive as much as it needs since I understand that it is best if it does not consume cakes or other things. It needs whatever is good for it because this will make it healthier, better. It will feel more comfortable, and when I separate from my incorrect animal relationships, my human level, on the contrary, begins to feel comfortable and, well, to feel like it is alive.

We also begin to perceive nature in our new human image, the proper communication between us, like in a common sensor, a common vessel. We begin to feel its laws, which guided us in our evolutionary development and we understand why nature is pressuring us now this way.

We suddenly begin to perceive its attitude toward us as benevolent and kind, since we become balanced with it on this new level because, just like in nature, everything between us is now based on bestowal, reciprocity, unity, connection, globality, and integration. Without any special pain, we automatically lower our animate level to its normal state where we only work the necessary number of hours per day, and in this way provide a normal existence for ourselves, nothing beyond the necessary comfort level, not through a society of excessive consumption, but through reasonable consumption for a reasonable existence of the body. In this way, we separate these two levels: the animate, where our body remains, and the human, which we beget.

This is why, in general, the current crisis is defined by us as the buffering point of the new birth of mankind. When you begin to explain this to a group, it certainly needs time to adapt to this idea, to the understanding of it, but then when people try to connect through their mutual communication, when they begin to discuss this, suddenly, certain auxiliary forces appear, abilities that a person did not know he had appear from within him.

In reality, they were inside, but they were suppressed, and moreover, they tried to come outside. In general, this was the source of our personal, family, social crises, drug abuse, depression, and so forth, and, here, we suddenly begin to feel free from all this pressure, the boundaries and distortions that we had. In general, this is the essence of the main idea and the very fundamental approach.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 2/29/12

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