In Memory Of The Exodus From Egypt

Dr. Michael Laitman“I labored and found!” I labored means that I have built a spiritual vessel. Until you have built it, you have not exerted yourself enough, and you will not be able to leave Egypt.

After you complete your exertion in Egypt, you must format it, which is called the union before Mt. Sinai. The slavery in Egypt has hardened our hearts and did not let us unite. After the exodus from Egypt, all our work is aimed at unity.

We wanted to do it in Egypt, but we were not allowed to since unity is already a vessel. Egypt is a state in which you still exert yourself in order to escape your egoistic desire, while it (as it is called Pharaoh or the Creator’s posterior) doesn’t let you complete the building of your vessel.

For the time being, your exertion is missing, but the moment the full measure is accumulated—which means that you have enough feelings, understanding and clear discernments with which you already can feel the next level—then you can leave.

However, what we leave Egypt with is not a vessel yet. Only now, after the exodus from Egypt, can we discover to what extent our vessel is incomplete since it lacks the point of unity among us. In order to unite, we need the Light that Reforms, the Torah. After the escape from Egyptian slavery, we are about to be given the Torah and to receive it.

After we receive the Torah, the Light that Reforms within it helps us unite our vessel. In Egypt, we couldn’t attain unity. It was the domination of Egypt that didn’t let us unite. Now, however, we can complete the building of our vessel.

Then, while wandering in the desert, we will sin constantly, time after time, and correct the sins. By correcting them, we will say each time, “in memory of the exodus from Egypt” since all the other events are derived from it, and in the desert, we gradually correct them.

The exile in Egypt was supposed to last 400 years in order to attain a complete vessel that we later correct. There are no corrections made in Egypt. However, in order to correct evil, we must clarify it each time as if to revive the same sorrow, the same state.

Thus, forty years of wandering in the desert is a chain of endless sins. However, in fact, these are not sins, but the revelation of evil to an increasingly greater depth in order to correct it. The preparation for that was made in Egypt, and, so, we constantly remind ourselves, “in memory of the exodus from Egypt!”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/12, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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