The World Will Disappear And The Group Will Remain

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The exertion is the same vessel in which the Creator is revealed, but what does my exertion have to do with the exertion of the friends? Is my exertion enough for the Creator to be revealed in them, or does it have to be the sum of our collective exertions?

Answer: It is impossible to answer this unequivocally. I see the friends as my eyes show me, in my perception. If I see them today as I saw them yesterday, it means that I haven’t changed at all. If I see that, today, they are greater, deeper, cleverer, and more successful, it means that I have changed.

However, we cannot connect all these states yet. They advance, or I advance, seeing their advancement. The truth is that they are all at the end of correction already, at an infinite height, and it is just me looking at them from my level.

The growth and the advancement of the friends impresses me, but isn’t it they who grow? I have changed, and therefore, I see that they have grown.

We cannot explain this by using our earthly language, which is totally egoistic. It is just as it is impossible to explain the new economy by using old terms since a healthy economy is the right integral connection. For the same reason, it is impossible to explain the relationships among the friends.

We have no choice if in the meantime we operate in our egoistic desires. We must look at things like in mathematics, one parameter after another. If there are several variables, and I depend on them all, I must fix one parameter and check how the change affects the second parameter.

Then, I fix the second parameter and check its dependence on the first parameter. Only then do I connect them to one system of equations in order to solve them together.

There can only be one element in every equation that I can find. If there are two elements, we need another equation. When we have two equations with two elements, we can already solve the problem.

However, in the meantime, we cannot combine two equations in our analysis. We can see what happens with one parameter and with another parameter separately, but we cannot connect them into one system.

Our brain cannot perceive these two opposite parameters as one. So, by explaining this, I am like a woman in labor who cannot give birth yet. It cannot be explained in words. Everyone will discover this according to his vessels.

In Kabbalistic explanations, we must pass the information from the world in which everything is united, to our world in which everything is totally separated.

This means that these are different software, different formula, and different approaches.

We try to understand the explanation by using earthly language and to grasp in our earthly minds what happens in the upper world. Even physicists already understand that it is simply impossible. They come across phenomena that are on the borderline where matter disappears, and, thus, the scientific language ends.

Modern physics will advance in a way that in each of the following stages, in every experiment, there will be more and more hidden parameters. It will become a hidden science. We will see that we have managed to advance to a certain point after which everything we had before disappears. Science can reveal only how each of the parameters disappears, but not more than that.

Our job is to continue with our exertion in the group, and eventually everything will be clear.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/12, “The Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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