Children Of Different Nations – One World, One Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are all representatives of different countries and different cultures. What is the relationship between our inner work and everyone’s culture and habits?

Answer: I am familiar with many students in the world and do not see any difference between them. Their mental components, psychological and educational base do not matter. Students from England, Turkey, South America, and Germany seem to be very different people, but, when we begin to study Kabbalah, there is only more or less external sensitivity.

Suddenly, I see the Germans weeping at a convention in Germany. That does not seem like them at all in everyday life; everything changes.

We do not understand each other in our normal mentality, but when we begin to engage in connection, in Kabbalah, all this completely disappears. After all, we are not involved in the earthly ego, but rise and build the property of bestowal above it.

Of course, the outward expression of feelings is manifested in everyone in a different way. One cries and the other shows his emotions in a more expressive way. But then it all is smoothed out because that spiritual superstructure that we create in ourselves is the same for everyone.

However, people are still different, and everyone builds the property of bestowal above his individual egoism, but I do not see that mentality, education, upbringing, or profession matter very much here. Everything is erased. By beginning to correct themselves, people become very similar, but not externally: Everyone retains his own individual character, but their earthly essence disappears; we all feel each other equally; we represent what we experience.

Suppose that various people have gathered now at a congress, but everyone experiences the same internal phenomena.

So, do not think about this. All this will be erased without a trace. We need to gradually feel that we rise to the next level, to the next dimension, the next universe adjacent to our universe, called the world of Assiya. There, we will continue to exist only as forces that are projected on our present consciousness, the corporeal world, as a beam of light coming from a projector on a screen that depicts a non-existing world on it.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/9/12, Lesson 6

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