Practical Kabbalah Is Fulfilled In Our Generation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have been preparing for this for ages and today practical Kabbalah is being fulfilled, which means that the actual correction is starting. Kabbalah is the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world. This world refers to the corrupt relations between us, and the next world is the corrected relations.

If we see the world this, way we don’t see people’s bodies in it but rather the connections between them, the connections of one desire in which the Creator is revealed. So dissemination is 100% spiritual work. You are not doing anyone a favor but are actually working on your soul.

A person should understand that everything depends on him and he shouldn’t expect mercy or charity from anyone. He will find the source of his life in the relationships with others when he begins to arrange his mutual relationships with people on the street in his neighborhood. He will discover that he doesn’t depend on anyone, since he acquires a force that is greater than the government. Now we see it everywhere and so we shouldn’t turn to the authorities but actually to ourselves. We shouldn’t expect them to make any changes. No matter what they do it will only be against our interests.

When we speak to people we see the despair they feel. They don’t believe that things can change for the better in any way. Previously they had hopes that certain movements or leaders would be able to change something, but today no one pins his hopes on that since this lie has already been revealed. There is no one to blame here since it is a result of human nature. We shouldn’t blame anyone but we should simply decide how we should change our lives here and now, each one in his own place, in his family, in his town, or on the street he lives.

We turn to ordinary people and if we guide them correctly, we correct parts of our soul by that. Today we have opportunities that we never had before. The demand for this is felt everywhere. There are no other means to correct things. All the external sources have been exhausted, the global crisis has cleared the area and has washed it like a tsunami wave. There is only one source of life left, the source of power and change that is in the connection among people. No one can reconstruct this connection without integral education.

Even if someone hears about this and wants to reconstruct it, he will not succeed. It will succeed only if it comes from us. We were chosen by the Creator for this mission, like “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation,” and it is our obligation to pour this information into the whole world. Only a person who knows this method can teach the world and bring it to correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/26/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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