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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that dissemination is the fulfillment of the goal of creation. What is the message of our dissemination? Is the goal to set an example of how to behave in society or to present the actual method? Perhaps your articles which are edited in a modern fashion could be presented as cards or movies? Can such a message be conveyed when a person writes a script or a book for example?

Answer: I explain the basics of the integral education to you, how to approach people and the world, but I am not a man of actions. I cannot even feel today’s generation correctly. I perceive it only through you, only through what you tell me.

Although I read a lot, about 20 to 30 short articles and news items a day about science, culture, politics, and different events in the world, I am still not very connected to people.

I cannot be any different. Everyone knows me, and so it affects people’s attitude toward me. So, making contact with the people wouldn’t work.

You must promote everything. I allow each of you to do as you wish—to write, talk, and create—as long as it is checked if you want it to be right. I don’t object that members of Bnei Baruch write their own books as long as it is censored. Why? It is so it will be right.

No one has any intention of using you. You can write independently everything that comes to mind, beginning with poetry, songs, and serious commentary on The Book of Zohar. It is your business as long as it comes out correctly in the literary way according to the wisdom of Kabbalah or according to the integral education that we are revealing at the moment. It is because I don’t know it either and I simply am revealing it through what is going on in the world now.

If you take what we have done in the last five years, then you will see that we have actually preceded Rabash. The only major trend in the world should be the revelation of the Creator to the created beings. By definition, this is the basis of the wisdom of Kabbalah. The goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah is the revelation of the Creator to the created beings in this world.

Today, we have brought the wisdom of Kabbalah and the revelation of the Creator in this world to our world and have made another step forward thanks to integral education.

We have dressed Kabbalah with a connecting element that helps adapt it to modern man, to modern society, to this world, with the help of the integral method, roundtables, workshops, and so forth. We have done what did not exist before.

Rabash brought us the idea of a “group,” and we have changed it from a group of Kabbalists who speak about the importance of the Creator and the importance of the goal into a roundtable for different people who speak about the connection between us.

Thus, we have put another type of clothing on Kabbalah so it can come in contact with different types of people, which is good for them and for us. We now can engage seriously in developing this method and expanding it.

You can do whatever you like since our method is built on the connection between the unity of all the people in the world and the Upper Light that operates in it. It will go on this way, and so you must write about it and do whatever you want, even write doctoral theses.

Integral education is the future of the world. There is nothing but that. The world will not want anything else since it will find the only means to relax and succeed within it. Its good future depends only on that.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, Shamati #59 “About the Rod and the Serpent”

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