Parting Words After The Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou are deserving guys. You made a wonderful connection and can attain everything! But this requires seriousness from all of you.

Now we are dispersing. So in order for a person to not fall again into an everyday routine, he must seriously approach the question: “What can I do now to organize the learning process correctly in my region, in my group? How can I help all the others?”

This is the main thing. The person must seriously decide for himself, on what level he is going to hold a connection with everyone else, because everything is attained only through connection. Therefore the organization of a new more expansive and better connection is very important for us. Don’t forget all the friends,connect with each other, be concerned for each other all the time. With this the work of our method is supported.

Besides this, we must begin to be involved with dissemination. But do this wisely and not by “shooting from the hip.” For this it’s necessary to learn, to consult, to write serious and nice articles, then check them. We do not publish anything without censorship, not even my blog! You might think, what do our censors understand better than I about the ideology? They understand more! This is because they are familiar with the outer world; whereas I am not familiar with it. We don’t need to spoil our name; otherwise we will damage dissemination, meaning damage ourselves. There is no greater damage than the damage that is derived from excessive enthusiasm.

For everything there must be a precise and clear structure, it’s not a good idea to go out anywhere with your proposals before you have assured yourselves of support and approval. Sometimes you need to demand written approval for the group or from higher bodies since you are turning to various elements on our behalf. Everything must be very serious. I am no longer talking about your personal spiritual ascension; for by not carrying out these conditions, you are delaying your spiritual advancement and afterward you will wonder why this is happening.

You are involved with the most serious thing in life, which is also the one thing that depends on people. Everything else doesn’t depend on people. The Creator only plays with them, creating the illusion that they are doing something as if they are destroying something. They are not destroying anything; they are not correcting anything and are not doing anything. It’s very simple, in this way the ego is methodically being elevated, as if it’s ruining the world. This will continue until we all get sick and tired of it and then people will be able to pass to correction of the ego.

And we want to do this in our way, quickly. This is our entire function. Therefore I strongly urge you; you are very serious guys and suddenly fall into childishness with some kind of demands. First try to organize everything nicely and well, and after that you will make demands of that structure that you have organized.

And in general, everything went very successfully. I see a huge potential, serious people with great experience and high ability who know with what they are dealing, where they are entering, and in what way they are advancing.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 6

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