The Integral Method: Present And Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, many people already want to hear about the method of integral education. Just in the last year or two, many people are willing to listen because they are becoming aware that they are like lost children. A lost child is standing and crying, not knowing what to do. They imagine themselves in this form already today and clearly so.

That is why we have to master the method of integral interaction, to understand what it is, how to implement it, and try to realize it between us as much as possible. We do not have common economic, cultural, political and other relations, there is just human relationship. And it opens the way for us.

In addition, as you know, we are trying to access various structures and organizations: schools, educational institutions, businesses, colleges, universities, etc., where the need for it is felt. After all, the crisis in relations between adults, between children is manifested, and it is already obvious how big this problem is. For example, the family institution is disintegrating, divorces and the number of single people are on the rise, and so on. We can already gradually introduce the integral methodology here and there. Moreover, it turns out that our method starts to live from the very first class, from the first presentation. People immediately begin to realize that it has some special power, a special “miracle” even. It is manifested so much that they see that here they can really achieve miraculous changes.

We notice this especially in the groups in the European part of Russia, we see this partially in the United States, we see this in Israel. But of course, it is not enough. We need to expand and try to further this integral methodology into life wherever possible. Gradually, we will learn and will be able to show others that with its help it is possible to save regions, countries, and the whole world from a serious crisis.

We live with this today, trying very much to accelerate the pace of our development in integral education and upbringing to include various regions, countries, even civilizations in this work, for example, Western, Eastern, and Asian. Each region has its own problems. On the one hand, the “heaviest” one is Eastern Europe—really, to this day, it is very difficult to talk to them. It is a bit easier in America; the Americans respect news, business suggestions, all kinds of coaching and training. They are happy to do this, and it might be easier there.

Russians are also used to all kinds of innovations, and in general people are prepared for them. It is easier here, although egoism is serious here as well. Perhaps, due to this increased egoism, which is manifested sooner, it will be easier for us to talk to people. After all, business managers see that the relationships between employees lowers productivity so much that there is nothing they can do. In addition, social issues are bigger here, in the European part.

In general, I think that the situation is a bit different here in this region, Krasnoyarsk, and the whole of Siberia, Russia’s territory beyond the Ural is less egoistic. It is very different from the western part of Russia, and especially from Western Europe and North America. Nature acts in different ways here, and that is why it could be opposite: On the one hand, people do not feel so egoistic yet as to discover that their egoism is to blame for everything, and on the other hand, they may be inclined towards getting closer with each other, and it makes our task easier.

In any case, no matter how it manifests itself, it is important that this region, I think, is favorable for implementing the method of integral education and upbringing. There is a different atmosphere, different relations between people, they are more trusting, it seems to me, more peaceful. So if we do this here together, we will succeed in spite of vast distances.

But first of course, we need to have a good course of integral education and upbringing, and then organize a demonstration classes, and workshops for businesses, in schools, in other institutions, in various forms. Thus, serious work in the entire region is required to do that.

Overall, we are pioneers. We have to develop this method to apply to modern humanity. You know what Baal HaSulam wrote; you know what Rabash wrote. And the rest we have developed over the last decade, especially in the last few years. Kabbalah can be described more clearly every time

The interaction between us, the applicability of this science to the connection between us in every way, it does not exist anywhere else, it was not described earlier. Just knowing the method of my teachers, I develop it further. In principle, I speak of nothing new. What seems like something new is actually the application of their ideas to the current state of humanity.

So, we will have to develop this method together with regard to your region.
From the Talk before the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/1/13

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