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Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should understand that there is no difference between the wisdom of Kabbalah and integral education. It is simply the same idea conveyed in different words. According to the articles of Baal HaSulam, the method is based on the recognition of the importance of the goal, on exiting one’s ego, on ascending above ourselves, on the unity in which we discover the Creator, the upper force, the integral force of nature. All the conditions we speak and read about are true and can also be implemented in integral education. But there we don’t use terms like “Creator,” “created being,” “Surrounding Light,” “Sefirot,” “Partzufim,” etc.

On the whole we describe the same conditions and the same processes using ordinary language. We say that the force of integral unity gradually appears in the unity and the adhesion between us, or as we say today “the wisdom of the crowd.” This is the Creator, this is the Light. It doesn’t happen all at once, but gradually until we reach the real level, but on the whole it is the same thing.

Actually, when we use the terminology of integral education, you begin to understand the Kabbalistic terms better, their inner meaning. After all, we are used to certain words—but what is concealed behind them? What is their charge? What is the message? We don’t exactly feel that.

So when we approach integral education, we begin to actually feel what the Kabbalistic method is, how it unites people and summons in them, in the section between them, the revelation of the network of forces of the mutual altruistic connections. It is there that the next level of nature will be revealed, the true human level, or that of the Creator.

So we are not escaping the wisdom of Kabbalah but simply expressing it in different words. By the way, a similar method was also used in the first steps of this science. We already know that there are four languages for describing the spiritual integral upper state:

  •  The language of the Torah, which is the simplest language, by which everything seems to be described as a “historical” story
  •  The language of the Midrash
  •  The language of the Haggadah
  •  The language of Kabbalah

The language of Kabbalah is the most accurate; it is a technical language that uses only accurate terminology: opposite forces, that operate mutually by repulsion and attraction, getting closer and further away. In fact it is the clarification of vectors just like in mathematics: The cooperation of two opposite forces by the connection that they attain between them. This connection is called the Masach (screen).

So the whole system is very simple. The force of bestowal is presented as descending from the top down, and if the force of receiving can change itself and work with the Masach, then it becomes similar and equal to the force of bestowal. They connect, and on top of the connection between them, there is a feeling of the upper state.

We are the force of the desire. Nothing was created but a desire. There is the Light, the force of bestowal, and there is a desire, the force of receiving. We can make our force of desire resemble the force of bestowal. Then these two forces will not contradict one another but will mutually connect, and in this connection we will discover ourselves in the state of the upper force.

Thus the revelation of the Creator, the revelation of the upper force, takes place inside us. We actually become the Creator. So the Creator is called Bo-re (come and see), which means that you discover Him inside you. You change your personal attributes and then these corrected attributes become the revelation of the Creator inside you.

Of course, it is a different lexicon, but everything else is exactly the same, nothing new was invented and there is nothing else here. It is the same science that is expressed not only in these four languages but in an updated manner, by using the terminology of the modern social system.
From the 1st Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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  1. in my experience, becoming JOINED to the creator is not the same thing as becoming the creator: Too many people want to pretend they are God now days and that we are all one so we are all God …..

    that doesn’t work for me anymore than saying just because I am a bucket of water from the ocean that I am the ocean: the other thing is while I have the CREATORS FORCE in me (bestowal) there is also DESIRE in me that is being rectified and so humbly I acknowledge that till all desire is bestowal (sometimes I feel Im there) but till I am there, its better to say I am connected to the creator who does great and mighty things through me, but im still here too:

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