Outsmarting The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the commandment, “Do not take G-d’s name in vain” symbolizes that it is forbidden to take advantage of the Creator for our egoistic goals, then it turns out that all the religious madness for the sake of the Creator that has taken place during our historical development only distances humanity from Him?

Answer: Yes, but that distance is necessary in order to bring humanity to a dead end and from the recognition of evil to come to the recognition of good. Otherwise, we don’t learn. The only thing we can do in advance is to cognitively see the “dead end” as if we are already stuck and understand that we need to change the direction.

I find strength within me, even without coming to a dead end, to change the movement, even though it is against my will, against my desires. Thus, the recognition of the state that is created is essential as if I am really in a dead end; otherwise, I won’t have the strength to change the direction.

For this, one needs to use the environment instead of the Creator. The Creator won’t be revealed because we are still egoistic. But when I am stuck in a dead end with all of my ego, then there I begin to feel it. If the suffering hasn’t yet brought me to a dead end but I already want from afar to see Him and correct myself, then I have the possibility to determine all of that and to change within the group.

That is called, “my sons have defeated me,” that is, we outsmarted Him. They used the properties of nature around them in order to create such a form of mutual cooperation that helped them to determine the true spirituality in the connection between them. This means that we build between us a model which shows us according to an analog form, the spiritual categories which we have no connection to. In this way we can, without yet being at the spiritual level, correctly change our direction, to measure it, and operate within our society.

This is what was given to us. Otherwise, we would never be allowed to enter the spiritual level until we reach equivalence of form, its attributes. We are not able to do this if we remain as we are. “To enter” means to change ourselves according to it. But how do we change ourselves if we don’t know what it is in itself? Thus, in our world we need to build such a model to match it and then we will be similar to that spiritual level.
From KabTV’s “The Secret of the Eternal Book” 5/25/13

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