We Have To Feel Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We have a very friendly, close-knit virtual group. We would like them to be present at the convention. What is the best way to do this virtually?

Answer: From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, in the universe there is nothing but the desire to receive and the Light that affects this desire. The Light, acting on the desire, causes in it a fourfold development that begins to be manifested in the four stages of the worlds: Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya.

However, in order to be independent of this Light, it is necessary to get out from under its power. That is why the desire that was broken on the last level falls to a state where it feels no connection with the Light. This state is called “our world.” That is, our world is the desire degraded to the point where it feels only itself, out of touch with who governs it, who affects it. This is the state that we call our world, this world.

Actually, there is no difference between our world and the spiritual world. It is only if you are on any of the 125 degrees of the spiritual world that the connection between two forces is manifested there more obviously, in desire. The desire feels who affects it and why, how, and what for. It is in dialog with the Creator. In other words, the force of reception (the force of desire) and the force of bestowal (the force of the Creator/Light) are in the desire itself in the clear form.

However, on our level (the last level), it is not clear because disconnection took place. That is why our world is built of the three kinds of desire: still, vegetative, and animate. However, the human level does not exist in it because it belongs to the next spiritual levels, to the 125 degrees.

Our world is very important because in beginning to attain the upper world I must be absolutely independent, not under its power. “Independent” means cut off, detached from it, not familiar with, ignorant. If I exist in this way, I can carry out my own completely separate actions, not under the influence of the upper Light, but because “I have decided myself.”

That is why our world is the most important. After all, any Kabbalist, no matter on what degree of attainment of the upper world he is, must perform his further advancement while being in the body—that is, in sensation of the lowest egoistic degree—and ascend from it.

Suppose that I am on the 20th spiritual degree. In order to rise to the 21st, I need to lose the 20th degree completely and become like everyone else in this world, feeling only it and rising to the next degree from it, and during the transition to the 22nd degree, I have to fall again to the very end, to this world, and again begin my ascent from it.

It is impossible to attain a single spiritual degree and the transition between them if you are not in the feeling of this so-called, our world. People think, “Now, I disconnect from this world and will not care. I will fly there and advance further. Why do I need physical contact with the friends?” They are absolutely wrong in this. We will need this communication. We will not escape it!

How much attention have the Kabbalists given to the description of the order of the group: How it should interact, meet, and what to talk about. It is said that the only opportunity to rise to the upper world is if the group conveys to you the power, the importance of the goal, the importance of unity, and the importance of annulling oneself before the group.

When you are constantly in the group, you are active and can control yourself, not theoretically through the Internet behind which you can always hide, but practically when you can look your friends in the eyes or look away, or can hug or reject him. You cannot do this virtually. It is impossible without this. If you mean the method of Kabbalah, you must feel each other.

What can we do in a region where villages are 500 or 1000 kilometers apart, not to mention big cities? You need contact with each other physically at least occasionally.

I flew here because it is very important to bring this region together, so that you could meet once or twice a year even in small groups of 30 to 50 people. After all, people who have this opportunity but do not use it lose a lot.
From the 1st Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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