Life And Death In The Eyes Of A Kabbalist

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You and I are the same age. Today we see different flaws in the young generation that were taboo in our times, how can we find the power to love these people? Suppose a person behind the wheel runs over a boy before his mother’s eyes, can she love the killer afterward?

Answer: It isn’t about loving the killer. You are bringing an extreme example, but I will try to explain. The mother has to rise to the level where she sees what actually happens: That nothing in this world is done by people, but that everything is fulfilled by the system of cooperation between all the people and the one upper force that leads us towards the goal.

What does “her son” mean?  The boy that was killed is her son on the corporeal level, but on the next level, on the human level, it is part of a system that appears and disappears. When I discover the whole system, I don’t see any flaws in it; I see that everything is managed by only one force.

But in this case I am not on the same level the mother is, where we see, God forbid, how her son is killed. I feel all this differently. I am not the mother anymore, and he is not the child, we are all mutually connected and I already understand that both life and death are perceived in a totally different way. It is an endless change of states. What is the difference between feeling ourselves in our body and feeling ourselves outside the body? These are different levels of perception. We learn all this in the perception of reality.

So there is no answer to your question as you ask it. It is impossible to explain to a mother who is on the corporeal level of her development what has happened to her son. But a person who attains spirituality certainly perceives everything differently.

I also saw it with my teacher. Several months after I came to study with him, the mother of one of his students passed away. According to Jewish custom the relatives of the deceased sit Shiva at home and mourn. I came to express my condolences and what do you think I saw there? They were having small talk as if nothing had happened. I was shocked. It really affected me at the time.

This means that I began to realize that people see life and death in a totally different manner; it isn’t a tragedy for them, not the loss of life. When you begin to feel the whole network of forces, you see that nothing disappears, and no one goes anywhere, but simply disappears from your perception and not more than that. But it is hard to explain that at the moment.  We have to advance towards revelation and then a person will discover the answer to all the questions by himself.
From the 1st Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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