A Small Garden Can Feed Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Next Big Future): “The Pronutria process is radically more efficient than current agriculture and livestock cultivation, and produces pure nutrition up to 1,000 times more efficiently, with minimal environmental impact and maximal nutrition quality.

“Livestock alone occupy 45 percent of the world’s land surface area and contribute more greenhouse gas emissions than cars, planes, and all other forms of transportation combined. Even with the yield improvements offered by GMO crops, these 10,000-year-old technologies are simply too resource inefficient to meet the world’s growing demand for nutritious food. …

“The central breakthrough in Pronutria’s technology is the discovery that single photosynthetic cells can be optimized to allow for the continuous and ultra-efficient production of essential proteins, lipids, sugars, or vitamins, using only sunlight, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and either fresh or salt water as inputs. “

My Comment: The crisis is happening in countries where the population has enough food and in general do not starve! It is possible to solve all modern problems technologically, but they cannot be solved practically until we correct the human being so that he no longer seeks to suppress others, and on the contrary, yearns to support others as his children.

Before human egoistic nature (his property to suppress others) is changed, the crisis of human confrontation with nature (the property of love and bestowal) will only expand. This crisis, since it is general, will not let us solve any of our problems. For example, while there is general abundance in the world, half of humanity will die of starvation.

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