Connection Between The Groups Is The Correction Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Lately, we are witness to Europe and Russia beginning to connect. Also, here in the convention, we truly are feeling this. How can we connect all of our sparks together?

Answer: Understandably, that would be remarkable. If this were possible, then this would be the materialization of our dream. The dream would have become reality. Then, all of our friends would be able to rise above their mentality, above the historical separation, above the contradictions and even above the hatred, and the main thing, above the Babylonian repulsion, above the difference in languages. If they were ready to rise above “Ancient Babylon” that now is being revealed more and more among us, then there would not be any more need to change anything.

Why is the global crisis happening? It indicates to us the pre-Babylonian civilization that existed in Babylon before the general separation: the division, the disagreements, and people stopped understanding each other. In general, this is not talking about languages, not about philology, but about the disappearance of mutual understanding between people.

What is this global world? The global world is being revealed as a system that existed before the Babylonian separation. This system was divided and now is connecting again, and motility called a “crisis” is taking place.

In ancient Babylon, the crisis advanced from a state of wholeness to a shattered state, and with us, after three thousand five hundred years, the movement is from the shattered state to the whole state. The world is returning to itself to its source.

If our groups were able to connect with the help of various mechanisms (helping mechanisms, virtual and more), then without a doubt, this would be remarkable. However, for the Europeans, it is very difficult to reach connection—very difficult! Europe is the most sensitive place with a rich history and a multitude of painful issues, with general, mutual hatred, whereas if we could rise above all this… This is extremely difficult. It is necessary to go through huge “pitfalls.”

I very much hope that the Americans will become an example because our students, our friends from the Education Center, are together with us. They have good organizers faithful to us. As of this moment, they are working together with the friends on the gradual connection, on the approach toward us.

If this truly will begin to be realized, we will feel an intense spiritual push forward. Perhaps this will become an example to Europe, and then they will also begin to depart gradually from the crisis.

Throughout history, it happened that in places where the Kabbalists once lived, the economy, the trade, and the culture always prospered. However, the moment that they were expelled from the country, everything died. Therefore, I hope very much that, first of all, this will lead these nations to prosper.

However, the most important thing is that this is the very core of correction, when we, or at least those who are engaged in the science of integral connection, will be able to realize it together. And in the nations of Europe and in a number of states in the United States, people are learning alone or in solitary groups who don’t want to connect.

Do you think that this can be realized in a different way? People still don’t hear, but I hope that they will hear. We need to write about this subject more clearly, more openly, so that everyone will see where this leads. Do not wait until they guess it is the correction of the world. The connection between our groups is the correction of the world.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 5

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  1. Why would it be very difficult for Europe to make such a connection? The primary purpose is to awaken and the full and complicated lives many live in Europe are providing a very fertile soil for growth. Economics (Life) indeed needs full integration of the gnosis / correction -forgive me for maybe not using the correct terminology-

    I witness in that sense also the beauty in the stagnation of the old world economy, conventional thought doesn’t bring the liberation, people are really pushed to alter their perception.

    Why do you put here the emphasis on nation states where this construct needs to be shattered in order to transcend it. You wonderfully spoke about this in the following video from 5.08 minutes

    When the divine law reveals I don’t see why mankind wouldn’t be able to set itself free from it’s own error.

    Here is a link to a great writing Hands and Brains Unbound, the illusion of World Order and the revolution Ascending, it might enlighten and give expanded sight in regards to the global situation (economic/social and political) (as you will see ‘governments’ won’t hold and the force of divine law is stronger).

    And why if humanity is evolving towards the understanding of the ‘upper rooms’ (once more forgive me for maybe not using the correct terms) wouldn’t we liberate ourselves, isn’t that the Universal dream? Beyond any nation state?

    Couldn’t help thinking of this brilliant scene from the movie Inception

    Truly hope you will reflect on the wisdom shared here.

    E Pluribus Unum,

    Tamara & Michael

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