Without Grinding Or Breaking The Gear Teeth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that nature will force us to use everything around us correctly. What does “use correctly” mean?

Answer: It means that we should be using everything for the sake of good connections between us.

All of us are constituents of one huge integral organism, which is supposed to work as cogwheels in a single mechanism, in alignment with one another; not so that one is squeaking, the other wheezing, and the third turning the other way with all its teeth broken.

It is necessary that we all feel each other, know each other, understand the overall plan, and know where we have to turn so we are all good. It cannot be that one is better at the expense of another; it is one mechanism and it has a rigid structure.

Currently, the connection is not rigid, it is more flexible, there can be loosening between one and another. But little by little the gear teeth enmesh, the relationships become more and more rigid, and the discrepancies with each other will increase our suffering. As this naturally increases, we fear for the fact that if the mechanism is caught in a hitch, that we will be ensnared by a huge world war.

On the other hand, nature begins to put pressure on us from the inside with the unleashing of calamities. And then of course we quickly learn the proper interaction, but it is a very difficult way.

One way or the other, humankind will become completely integrated, fully interoperable, with absolute equality similar to socialism, but with a truly human face.
From KabTV’s “Building a Social Environment” 9/25/12

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