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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: For four days in a row we held workshops with different groups of people. But the most interesting thing is that the intensity of our working in a single breath united our entire group. I don’t know about the people for whom we held the seminars but we changed dramatically during the course of these events.

Answer: I’ll tell you that I see myself changing depending upon how the group is changing. After all, I didn’t go through these actions because I had a different, a more individual method of attaining the upper world, which has been used by Kabbalists for thousands of years. And here when a group is experiencing practical unification and I am on the sidelines participating at least somewhat, I feel how good and productive this work is.

This is why I understand you and I advise everyone who is listening to us today to try in any way possible to participate in our workshops.
From the Virtual Lesson 10/21/12

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