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Attracted To The Center

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we engage in dissemination to the public, we encounter situations where local needs far exceed our ability to provide. We discover hysterical pressure. How do we deal with it?

Answer: The main thing is that you have a heart-rending desire to help others. It should reach the intensity and the sharpness that will provide you with newer, higher discernments and you will begin to understand what MAN is, the request for correction, which is an inner clarification.

The precursor for this is that you want to be incorporated in the center of the group, since it is the only place where you can fulfill and raise your request. This is only if you discover the source of Light in the center of the group, the source of power of connection and unity. You can see and understand that you are already close to MAN according to your attraction to the center of the group. It is there that you discover that you can fulfill it.

Comment: My friends and I already feel that…

Answer: That’s great. They suddenly become dear to you. First you didn’t care about them and the Kabbalists’ advice seemed like dry words in the books and now you are attracted to them because of the inner need that you received from others, from the public.

The friends are now important because without them you will not be able to fulfill yourself. You will not be able to find your soul, the culmination of your work, unless you tie everything together so that the deficiencies of the public will go through you to the center of the group and to the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/13, Writings of Rabash, “Concerning Love of Friends

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The Train Won’t Wait!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe correction of the shattering can only be when we connect, of course. Before the shattering, there was one general soul, a general vessel, and one Light that filled this vessel. However, the soul (the vessel, the desire to bestow) couldn’t bear this pleasure and began to receive it in order to receive, instead of in order to bestow, and then the shattering occurred.

Since this soul, this spiritual vessel, changes its form, the Light leaves it according to the law of the equivalence of form, which means because of the incompatibility of the attributes. Because of that incompatibility, the Light drew several Parsa away from the soul. Now, we must perform several actions that can draw the Light closer again.

We actually were thrown into an abyss from the height at which we were to the bottom of the ladder and even lower than that. Now, we must try to do what we can with the tools which we were given in order to correct this shattered vessel and to connect. By doing so, we will draw the Light that Reforms, which will help us connect so that we will be worthy of the Light that will dress in our common vessel and be revealed in it.

When the Light is revealed in us, we will feel in it that we are delighting the source of the Light, the Creator. This is actually the correction of the shattering that we must do. Eventually, we must return to the same state where there is only one soul, one vessel, and that all of its parts are fully and integrally connected. The Light will be revealed in the vessel accordingly, and its source, the Creator, will be revealed in it. We will enjoy the fact that we are delighting Him, like a guest and a host who love each other.

The correction is done by the love of friends, by their unity and their getting closer to the righteous of the generation, which means to the Kabbalists and the advice by which we perform our work. Sometimes, a person has such thoughts that we can isolate ourselves and attain the intention of “in order to bestow” and learn to keep ourselves clean both internally and externally by ourselves, to be holy. A person doesn’t understand why he should get all messed up with others in performing different corporeal actions. He feels it is better to delve into the inner “spiritual” work and to adhere to the Creator by himself.

However, being isolated and performing individual internal work doesn’t bear any fruit. There is no better means of correction than the connection between the friends. We draw the Light that influences us and brings us closer to the truth by the different actions that we perform together.

I hear many complaints like this from people: that a person wants to do this work by himself. However, this is a terrible mistake. A person doesn’t correct anything by himself. Rather, he misses the train and will not have time to connect to the group that is already advancing along this path. It will, therefore, be very difficult for him to join this moving train, and he will miss this current life. So, he should listen to the advice of the great Kabbalists and engage only in the love of friends.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/13

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“Is Anti-Semitism Back In Europe?”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The National Interest): “The status of Jews in Europe remains a delicate one. At least that is what a new survey by the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights suggests. The survey, to be released in full in November, found that nearly one quarter of European Jews avoid doing things or wearing symbols that could allow others to identify them as Jewish. And the numbers are worse in some places: Forty-nine percent of the Swedish utopia’s Jews avoid recognizably Jewish clothing and symbols in public.

“Eighty-eight percent of French Jews said antisemitism has become worse in the last five years. Thirty percent of Hungarian Jews have experienced an antisemitic incident in the past twelve months. And around Europe, two-thirds said reporting assaults and other antisemitic incidents to the police wasn’t worth it, or wouldn’t make a difference. …

“Who is to blame? The media would have you believe it’s the far right—Greece swarming with Golden Dawn blackshirts and cryptofascists flexing their muscles almost everywhere east of the Elbe. And the Kantor Center documents plenty of far-right violence. But participants in the EU survey, many drawn from Western Europe, saw it differently—just 19 percent pinned it on the extreme right. Twenty-two percent faulted the extreme left. But Europe’s Muslims are cited by 27 percent.”

My Comment: The nations of the world are not so much to blame for the growth of anti-Semitism in our time, as are the Jews themselves because they have long been required to carry “the Light to the nations of the world” in the form of the method of correction of egoism, of all the evil in the world, through the teaching of Kabbalah or through its lighter version, the method of Integral Education and Upbringing. But in any case, in the places where anti-Semitism erupts, there is a void, the absence of the Light, and there, more than in other places, the nations and the countries will suffer.

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A Cradle Of Unity With Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What changes will occur in the life of the Integral society and what will make them possible? What is the process people will be involved in?

Answer: By elevating above our individual principles and attitudes and by lowering their own opinions a little in front of the others in our small community (10 to 20 people), we begin sensing inside our unity some average collective feeling, thought, intellect, and desire. We seem to form something in common; between us is a general silhouette” that we relate to as our child.

The “child” that emerges among us warms us up and makes us share collective emotions that we usually do not experience in regular life. People start to really cherish this feeling. They gather in integral clubs and communities to renew these interesting and pleasant sensations.

If they combine all of the above with common family meals or just meeting over a cup of coffee, new associations or clubs will be created where people come there not for the sake of boasting or showcasing vanity, but to feel special. It will elevate, lift, and cleanse them, make them feel kinder, friendlier and warmer. Suddenly, they will feel that it becomes much easier for them to combat problems such as rudeness, taunts, blows, rigidity and constraints. They feel that it heals them, gives them a softer outlook on the world, and dampens all sorts of problems. This type of psychological training leads to a very bright positivism. The most important thing is that from that moment on it becomes possible for them to develop more,depending on what kind of community they are in.

There are certain communities that already exist where people have started thinking about ways to unite and simplify their existence by collective shopping, sharing warehouses, and providing mutual free help to each other because some of their members are locksmiths, some are plumbers or electricians, etc. After they began sharing communal services, all of a sudden they discovered that there are accountants, lawyers, and people with other professions among them.

In general, creating communities that are based on the principles of minimal mutual support (we are not talking about global, huge problems here) can facilitate many people’s lives. Moreover, they can invite professionals in education, and upbringing, and can organize clubs for their children, etc. This opens a vast field of activity. The main thing is that people who belong to these communities should feel that their environment nurtures each of them and becomes a source of a positive energy.

So by resolving life’s problems, they develop internally and then gradually move to the next step: obtaining a new vision and receiving new energy.

I don’t impose my point of view on anyone. I just want people to discover the opportunity to develop as one big whole, to create one unified organism out of ourselves, and on that basis to begin regarding nature differently. People begin to understand that nature is integral and interconnected as one organism. If they agree with this fact and resonate in unison with nature, if they vibrate in one frequency, they suddenly begin sensing that they exist in a unified and friendly field and that the world is really laced with benevolence with only one exception: the egoistic human nature. Many religions and faiths, as well as many physicists, psychologists, etc., state this fact.

The important thing is that this understanding elevates a person. One’s life becomes easier since one acquires a correct vision of the world, develops the right attitude to ecology, nature, and society. I hope that in the end it will become a major tool for the betterment of society overall. Everybody needs it.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 9/15/13

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The Result Of An Integral Enterprise: A Reasonable Person

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A regular company is valued by its stockholders on the basis of profit. What does the profit for an integral dissemination enterprise consist of?

Answer: The profitability of every factory is appraised according to the quantity and quality its output. Our product is a reasonable person. We evaluate our work according to how we, from other homo sapiens, sculpt the reasonable person.

For example, now we have a problem if within a short period of time, we need to serve, say a few thousand people. We set a specific goal and we need to come in contact with each one of them. This is the first stage of our work.

The next phase would be to invite them to lessons, to lectures, to all kinds of events. We already will begin to carry out some kind of work with them.

After a certain number of lessons, we must check the results we got, that is, what we did with each one of the “reasonable people.” In what way did we raise him? Did we reach the set target? To what extent does the collective actively include mutual integrality? What materials did the participants study? What opinion did they express after each lesson? We need to supervise all of this and gather the statistical data.

For statistical data, we need to conduct quizzes, surveys, and exams in order to determine to what extent the person has begun to more appreciate the collective, connection, mutual interdependence, and good relationships between people. This will tell if he will give someone the right of way when he travels to work or if he won’t give the right of way. However, when not giving the right of way, does he feel good about himself? To what extent does he feel more physically healthy? To what extent does it become more pleasant for him to be in a collective? Does he smile at the other friends, and does he identify with them, and so forth.

Question: Can we consider the time the person spent at the roundtable in discussion with the colleagues about a subject that we determined for him as a universal measurement?

Answer: No, after all, that isn’t the result, but the investment. Where is the output from it? Where is the result, the product? We must connect some small mechanism to the person and measure the level of happiness. Even if it is subjective in relation to him, we see that, in the beginning, he sat with a sour face, and now he has begun to smile a little.

Question: We have a paradoxical case study when people, at the beginning of the training assess the connection and unity of the collective as 95%, and, at the end of the training, as 80%. They begin to understand, “We aren’t united enough. Let’s do something more.”

Answer: We also need to take that into consideration. There is increasing attraction and demand with people to connect and unite. How else it is possible to evaluate the work? It is only in this way: according to the amount of people and according to the quality of the changes in them.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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It Is All In Our Hands

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It could happen that a person who participates the life of an integral society for some time in suddenly will lose interest in it. The loss of interest is temporary; but the person might not survive this, and we lose him permanently. How is it possible to help him in this state?

Answer: I think that an integral society gradually will transform into an effective one not only on the spiritual level, but also on the physical level. The person must receive from there not only warmth, stimulation, inspiration, and positive emotions, but also physical support. To do this, we must unite in mutual aid and each one must feel that it actually gives him unity with the others in practice.

After all, we still live in this world. We understand that in an integral society, it will be easier for us. We will become healthier, less susceptible to illnesses, and will better tolerate all kinds of problems, the blows of fate. However, is it possible to add a mental attitude like this through material arrangement?

Here, we come to the next stage: Can we create societies like these that truly will help one another? To do this, there are various possibilities depending upon the conditions.

Each one of us works where he is an expert in some particular area—let’s help each other by providing specialized care.

Question: Could there be a state like this where people will become dependent upon each other on the physical level, and then this would hold them in an integral society?

Answer: No, what must hold them is the feeling of creating a completely new society that is founded above our ego, not on a competitive basis, but rather on the basis of connection.

Question: Where is the line between integral mutual help and protectionism like it was in the Soviet Union? If you have connection, you are a man. You have a dentist, people in a store, a non-public mutual community.

Answer: In an integral society, we are not locked onto ourselves. We want everyone to be like that. The larger our numbers, the more we will be able to pay attention to each other, to help one another.

We are an organization without any benefit for itself, completely voluntary, understanding how to educate children today, how to maintain the familial framework, how to be in a good mood, and not deteriorate into alcoholism and drugs, and how to maintain ourselves in the right spirit. Since you are alive, so live more comfortably, in a good environment. This can be done without any material investment, even with what there is today. We can attain states like these when, in our unity, we suddenly see a material benefit in.

If we unite and declare ourselves to be a single organism (we have common purchasing power, common needs, common reserves for purchases), then we can economize in this. For particular circles in the population, this is very important. You can establish a warehouse of unneeded things that can be for mutual use. This is very effective. It is possible to organize groups for our children for nothing. Without special investments, it is possible to do things like these that otherwise would cost much of our means. It is all in our hands.
From the program “Through Time” 9/15/13

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The True Face Of Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “One Commandment”: The prophetic abundance must be received in those combinations of letters completely suitable for the spirit of beginners.

If my teacher is a real teacher, he will try to give me explanations that are close to my reality. If I happen to hear what he says, I will benefit from it at my level and will see that the revelation he provided is accurately and correctly dressed in the shapes that my generation needs.

For example, today the world reveals acute symptoms of its material progress in all spheres. The difficult situation has existed for a long time, but today the world is finally allowing itself to talk about it and is realizing what a desperate and hopeless situation we are in. We are heading towards an overall collapse; a sudden upheaval can occur at any moment that won’t leave even the slightest trace of our current existence and that could stop the entire systems in economy, finance, and commerce, etc. to stop functioning.

So, we clearly see that the world needs many corrections. The wisdom of Kabbalah is now revealing itself; it gives us a real answer: a solution that provides material benefits and is closer to our rational perception. Thus, we accept Baal HaSulam and Rabash’s methodology correctly.

Accordingly, our work with the wider audience also has to address their egoistic intention Lo Lishma first and only afterward should it turn to an altruistic intention Lishma. Our teachers gave us the opportunity to act in such a way that we ourselves and the society that we direct will eventually approach altruism. It won’t happen immediately; it will happen gradually, but it is inevitable.

Moreover, now our message will take the correct shape and society will understand that it is for its own good. And we will understand that it is to our benefit to care about others.

Question: But in the end, does everyone have to come to attainment?

Answer: By all means! It is said:All shall know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them” and “all nations will come to Me.” We have to become one Kli, a spiritual vessel, in which the Light of Infinity dresses and fills everything. In the end, everyone will be included in Malchut of the world of Infinity and will reach the final correction. Everything will turn into one whole and will be filled with the Upper Light that permeates the entire reality. All individual vessels and the desire to receive created by the Light have to be corrected so that they become equivalent to the Light of Infinity and thus are fulfilled without any limitations.

Suppose a complete integral mutual inclusion takes place to the extent that the Light equally fulfills all vessels. So far, vessels are distributed in accordance with the ten Sefirot of the Direct Light along the line that goes from top to bottom; that is why there is a difference between Keter and Malchut; there also exists a reverse order of the Lights and vessels, etc. But then, when there will be one single screen (Masach), perhaps the differences among the vessels will disappear.

So today we have received a methodology from Baal HaSulam that is very close to our current needs, the needs of the entire world. Therefore, when addressing others, we should begin with their problems that are already known, are widely discussed, and for which solutions are not apparent.

But in fact, in a modern democracy we are moving to chaos. If each person has his or her own opinion and promotes it persistently, how can a constructive and creative process be instigated? Instead of peace and wellbeing, we will face endless wars, confusion, and chaos in the world. This is where democracy leads us. This is its true face.

Previously, under kings and queens (good or bad) the power was concentrated in one strong hand, whereas today everyone can do whatever they want. And so in the framework of the historic process, the further development of democracy lowers us into chaos, more turmoil, conflicts, and wars between one and all.

Policy experts don’t find any solutions and they recognize this. We offer a ready solution and program of action.

So the truth of the “prophets” and “prophecies” is tested—through the ability of the Kabbalistic methodology to help people. We have everything we need for success. After all, the only way to bring this world to order is to attract the Light that Reforms. There is no other way.

Our task today is to deliver the method of correction as close to the people as possible and show them that it, in fact, it meets all their material needs and that they won’t find any other solutions anywhere else.

Only by uniting can we build a society in which we will be able to resolve our current problems. By the Light that Reforms, the wisdom of Kabbalah helps us organize society correctly and build relationships that will allow us to achieve everything we need: safety, health, good education, etc. The Light itself is abstract; it fills all vessels, all the empty spaces that have to be filled. It satisfies all needs, even material ones.

The truth is that this method will trigger the Light that will implement all aspirations.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam 

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