It Is All In Our Hands

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It could happen that a person who participates the life of an integral society for some time in suddenly will lose interest in it. The loss of interest is temporary; but the person might not survive this, and we lose him permanently. How is it possible to help him in this state?

Answer: I think that an integral society gradually will transform into an effective one not only on the spiritual level, but also on the physical level. The person must receive from there not only warmth, stimulation, inspiration, and positive emotions, but also physical support. To do this, we must unite in mutual aid and each one must feel that it actually gives him unity with the others in practice.

After all, we still live in this world. We understand that in an integral society, it will be easier for us. We will become healthier, less susceptible to illnesses, and will better tolerate all kinds of problems, the blows of fate. However, is it possible to add a mental attitude like this through material arrangement?

Here, we come to the next stage: Can we create societies like these that truly will help one another? To do this, there are various possibilities depending upon the conditions.

Each one of us works where he is an expert in some particular area—let’s help each other by providing specialized care.

Question: Could there be a state like this where people will become dependent upon each other on the physical level, and then this would hold them in an integral society?

Answer: No, what must hold them is the feeling of creating a completely new society that is founded above our ego, not on a competitive basis, but rather on the basis of connection.

Question: Where is the line between integral mutual help and protectionism like it was in the Soviet Union? If you have connection, you are a man. You have a dentist, people in a store, a non-public mutual community.

Answer: In an integral society, we are not locked onto ourselves. We want everyone to be like that. The larger our numbers, the more we will be able to pay attention to each other, to help one another.

We are an organization without any benefit for itself, completely voluntary, understanding how to educate children today, how to maintain the familial framework, how to be in a good mood, and not deteriorate into alcoholism and drugs, and how to maintain ourselves in the right spirit. Since you are alive, so live more comfortably, in a good environment. This can be done without any material investment, even with what there is today. We can attain states like these when, in our unity, we suddenly see a material benefit in.

If we unite and declare ourselves to be a single organism (we have common purchasing power, common needs, common reserves for purchases), then we can economize in this. For particular circles in the population, this is very important. You can establish a warehouse of unneeded things that can be for mutual use. This is very effective. It is possible to organize groups for our children for nothing. Without special investments, it is possible to do things like these that otherwise would cost much of our means. It is all in our hands.
From the program “Through Time” 9/15/13

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