The World From A New Perspective

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that people who create integral groups begin feeling themselves as unique. How is this expressed?

Answer: The uniqueness is that such people begin looking at the world through different eyes. First of all, they see that connection among people is truly possible; the main thing is to adjust it correctly, to understand that all of us are different by nature. There is no coercion; on the contrary, we only rise above our initial egoistic data and connect with each other with good mutual relationships above the egoistic foundations.

We are all egoists; inside we are all rigid, coarse, and “dark.” But we rise above the ego, understand that we are like this by nature, and we want to create an altruistic platform above that.

Through its formation, we begin to feel that nature (not our personal egoistic nature, but nature in general) is created specifically according to the integral principle. We begin to see that this is where humanity’s problem is. In other words, humanity now starts feeling the difference between its egoistic nature and the higher nature that is revealed to it. This lack of balance and harmony gives us a feeling of a “multi-crisis.”
From Kab TV’s Through Time 9/15/13

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