There Will Be No Need To Shatter Windows

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the spiritual system, the upper level waits until the lower level raises a prayer to it, MAN. How can I convey the requests of the public upward if I have no contact with the spiritual world?

Answer: You have contact with the spiritual world through your point in the heart. You only lack the deficiency to awaken the upper, and it is from the lower that you have to receive this deficiency.

You have Reshimot (spiritual genes) which belong to GE. The lower, the public, have no GE; they have no points in the heart. You include the deficiencies of the people in your AHP, since they want to be saved from trouble. These deficiencies and needs are ordinary corporeal matters: food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge, which are added to your GE, to the point in the heart. Since you have committed yourself to the public, you are under their pressure.

Instead of demonstrating and protesting in front of the parliament, they will protest in front of your house and smash your windows. When you see your frightened children and your upset wife, you will have no choice but to cry to the Creator for help. You have to reach this pressure in order to be ready for a prayer.

The Creator will respond only if you ask Him for power for the lower, for the people, to provide them with what they need. It is because they will receive what they need only if they “round up” and connect in a circle, in the workshops, at the roundtables, through integral education.

They will not receive filling just like that and it isn’t that everyone will receive a package by special delivery, but their lives will improve. We have to organize the public in circles for workshops and roundtable discussions. The main thing is to organize in a circle. When people organize in a circle and annul themselves before you, they can enter and be incorporated in your AHP and convey their complaints and their deficiencies to you.

There Will Be No Need To Shatter Windows
You raise these deficiencies to your point in the heart that is also in the circle, in the center of the group. By that your work is over since the center of the group is your upper and the uppermost part of the public. In the center there is mutual guarantee, bestowal, and connection, as one man in which the Creator is revealed!

This whole structure is a total of ten complete Sefirot. Only one thing is missing: receiving an urge from the public that will force you to feel scared, to fear, and to feel that you are committed to bring them the Light that Reforms from the center of the group. So going out to disseminate to the public is essential for our ascent.

People ask for food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge. You are asking for connection, mutual guarantee, and the revelation of the Creator. If you can keep the right deficiency for the center of the group and the Creator, by fine tuning the correct deficiencies each time so that it wouldn’t be just bestowal and connection but will take on a more accurate form that is suitable for the next spiritual level, then there will be no need to pressure you from below and to shatter your windows.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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