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Equality In The Group Is A Vital Necessity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly under the condition of unity in the group will we be able to succeed in everything on our path. And if there is no such unity, then our forces are negligible. It will be just a material force, and even if we succeed in something, it will just be superficial. We can gain great material achievements, but they are worth nothing in a spiritual sense.

The group must guard its unity, connection, and equality as a vital necessity! We need to behave toward external people the same way everyone else does, using courts, lawyers, advertising as is customary in the world. But internally between the friends, all the relationships have to be built in the form of circles. One does not prevent the other: in circles (Igulim) inside and outside, the line.

You can be a great Kabbalist, but outside you have to behave in the standard “line” like all others. If someone tries to deceive you, you also have to use tricks. If someone tries to steal from you, you have to react accordingly. It does not mean that you have to steal, but don’t be a naïve simpleton, which is usually how external people want to see a Kabbalist. If everyone around behaves in this way, why should a Kabbalist behave differently? People think that he would be called a righteous man if he allows everyone to take advantage of him. But of course, he should not be so naïve.

This applies to external behavior in the outside world, but within the group, we need to keep the circle in the most precise way. Mutual guarantee obliges us to maintain equality. However, this equality should be relative; what is required from everyone, each according to his capabilities, is his ability to cancel himself. Equality means that everyone invests into it as much as he can; at least, he is working on it.

The group should not have people who control it as they please. Perhaps, they are right and know how to control everything, but it does not bring any spiritual gain. We can achieve huge material success, but if there is no spiritual component, it will all eventually burst like a soap bubble.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/13, Writings of Rabash

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Together On One Merry-Go-Round

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe external public are our external vessels, like the last two levels (the garments and palace) of the five levels of the soul “root, soul, body, garments, palace.” They require the “Light of Hochma” from us, although it seems that they ask for “bread and circuses,” as the crowds cried for in ancient Rome. But the “bread and entertainment” in their understanding, on our stage is transformed into Light.

We have neither bread nor entertainment for them and we will not provide it. We must educate the public so that they themselves will be able to bring the entire society to the form that will fulfill them. They will think that everyone got exactly what he had asked for: bread and entertainment, no matter what, the most important thing is that he feels good. It is like with a little child: He demands a toy but you take him to ride a merry-go-round and he forgets about the toy.

If we feel the desires of the public, we will obtain a huge incentive to connect with each other and draw the upper force because we have to pass it outside and fill the external desires. Then, we will have to work.

But without this external force putting pressure on us, only the path of suffering will be left for us. We will be able to switch to the path of the Torah only under the gradual pressure of the outside world that will oblige us to draw the Light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/13, Writings of Rabash

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The General Soul: Mine And Ours

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “600,000 Souls“: Moses is equal to 600,000…

“Moses” is a concept. However, in this case, let’s say Moses is a person who has reached complete connection with all the parts of the one soul that exists in reality. It has been divided into 600,000 parts and these parts have been divided into smaller fractions. Moses is an attribute, a state in which all the parts are incorporated.

Accordingly, a person who reaches the level of Moses can live in one soul, and reaches the connection with all the other parts according to the principles: “Don’t do unto your friend what is hateful to you” (a righteous), and “Love thy friend as thyself” (a complete righteous). And hence the principle of “love the Creator your Lord” is fulfilled, the perfect state.

Therefore it says that Moses is equal to all the other souls, the whole world.

On the other hand, however, it says that everyone must reach the level of Moses, since in addition to belonging to a general soul, each of us has a private spark, and in this spark, he has to include all the other souls and connect them into one soul.

Everyone can reach the level of Moses and connect everyone around him. By that he attains the whole general soul. It appears as his soul; he just discovers it from his spark, from the root of his soul.

For me, the process begins with the connection with others. There are people to whom I am connected in a state called a group, and there are the others, the external world with whom I establish an external connection for the time being. But eventually, I connect everyone into one and discover unity. But I discover it on the basis of my Reshimot (spiritual genes) in my point in the heart (•). Because of it, I can see the world. No matter how strongly I connect the intention of in order to bestow to myself, I am still the one who bestows. My perception always remains subjective and I cannot see the world through someone else’s eyes; I cannot actually dress into someone and feel what he feels through him. These are the laws of nature.

I discover the sum (Σ) of all the vessels (desires) based on my attributes, which do not disappear. Someone else also connects to the whole world, including me, and discovers it in himself, based on his attributes. We both discover the whole world, each from his perspective.

Later, after I connect with the whole world, I reach my private end of correction. Besides, after everyone reaches this level, a special force arrives, the Light that connects all our whole private states into one whole general state, the general end of correction.

I don’t know what it is; I don’t know whether the individual responses disappear there.  After all, now all the parts are corrected and they make up one whole body. There are different assumptions. Perhaps all the cells are incorporated into one another in every way and become the Partzuf of Adam HaRishon (first man) once again, the way it was before the shattering, before the sin, only now the intensity of the connection with the Creator is 620 times greater.

Thus, we have the same soul, and each one must reach the level of Moses, which includes all the souls. There is no contradiction here.

Each soul is ready to absorb the souls of Moses, Aaron, Samuel, David, and Solomon within it, as you progress through periods of development. During the exit from Egypt and the reception of the Torah, the soul of Moses revealed in it.

We have been through a periods of correction, through which part of the collective soul was already corrected. This part is called “the forefathers.” This is the head of the Partzuf where everything is in order to bestow.

Then there is the part called “the sons” which is imperfect. It was corrected during the exile in Egypt, the first and the second Temples, and there are corrections and corruptions in this part. The last part, the last two thousand years, is not corrected at all and we still have time to reach complete redemption.

So we use the general system in which there is the corrected part of the “forefathers” (HBD), the part of the “sons” (HGT) that is partly corrected, and us, the generation of the exile, the “last generation.”


My and Our General Soul


We are all incorporated in everyone, and the whole history that we have been through operates on every generation from the state of the previous generation. That is why there is the concept of “the merit of our forefathers,” the vessels that these souls have already corrected. Thus today we work on incorporating and we have what to rely on.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “600,000 Souls” 

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It Is Pointless To Regret What Was Swallowed In Ein Sof

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if I feel sorry about my previous failures and it prevents me from thinking about anything else?

Answer: When something has already happened there is not point feeling sorry about it, and you should let bygones be bygones. There is none else besides Him and you did whatever you could, according to “If I am not for we, who is for me,” and everything else is in the hands of the Creator since there is none else besides Him. We shouldn’t regret the past. The past is already swallowed in Ein Sof (Infinity). I am not responsible for it; it is the Creator acting through me.

I did everything that I could and my success or lack of it depends on the Creator. This is how He has arranged my actions wanting to show me how distant I still am from Him so that by my next action I will be able to connect to Him.

I shouldn’t think about the previous states now, as if it were I who chose and decided what they would be. These impure thoughts (Klipa) are a mistake, a real deception, if I think that I did something and it wasn’t the Creator who did everything through me. We cannot say this about the future, but we should undoubtedly refer to the past that way.

We repeat this mistake all our life. A person tortures himself about a mistake he made back at school or at the university, and regrets it his whole life, including yesterday and the last couple of moments, but it is forbidden to do so.

A person who is about to die has to say that his whole life passed and it didn’t really belong to him and it wasn’t he who did everything. The upper thought has created him and gave birth to him sometime in the past and put him through a certain path, through different actions, and now he is coming to the end of this path in a certain state and is moving on to the next state.

We cannot change anything in the past and cannot plan anything in the future, not even a couple of moments ahead. Now we discover this truth more and more in the world: All our long-term plans don’t work at all. You can act only at the current moment you are in, and your job is to adhere to the Creator. But the thought about the moment that has passed or about the next moment to come is a sign of lack of faith, of lack of adhesion, of lack of bestowal.

In my current state, I am totally adhered only to the Creator. Make your desire His desire and your actions like His actions and there is nothing else you have to do; it is very simple.

Regretting the past is a great terrible Klipa, impure force, that is constantly depicted to us in pictures from the past forcing us to feel great sorrow: Why did I do that; why did I hurt someone; how did I go wrong; what did I do wrong, etc.  it is a well known mistake and everyone goes through it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/13, Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, And Later – Everywhere!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Khazin, economist): “The problems of Greece, Bulgaria, and Spain have already become habitual. Unemployment of close to 60% of the youth is a social disaster. If a person has never worked until the age of 30, he will never work.

“This means that there is no normal family (basically, liberal Western society is actively fighting this in every circumstance); there is no normal social adjustment; there is no social recovery. There are not many possibilities. There is theft, terror, revolution or becoming a wild animal through drug addiction.

“All this doesn’t give any chance of recovery for modern Western society of more than one generation. The number of the wealthy will be reduced 10-fold and these will rob the last of the middle-class earnings during a tense social and political conflagration. Reduction of the middle class will arouse the phenomenon of the ‘new poor’ and their anger about the entire system.

“Economic theory says that one should not expect any improvement in the world and Western economy in the next decade.”

My Comment: It is true; the plan of the elites is the rapid, painless, peaceful, and quiet reduction of the human population, up to1-2 billion. And the primary concern in this period is the peace of mind of the masses. Therefore, drugs are administered, and in order to clear themselves, they maintain propaganda against smoking because it is damaging to health.

However the result of all this “change” will be an understanding of the need for an absolute structural change in the whole of society, humanity, its relationship to itself and to the world, through war or peace, depending on the dissemination of the method of integral education.

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Why Turn The Wheel Of A Car That Is Out Of Control?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Boris Kagarlitsky, Director of the Institute for Globalization): “The prediction of those opposed to globalization has come true, for the collapse of the neo-liberal model were characteristics that were predicted by them. The ‘managers’ no longer understand what they are doing; they just turn the dials of the mechanism that has long since gone out of control. People want changes, social progress, but not at the price of disasters and victims.”

My Comment: Pretending that we run the world or playing at managing the world have been the common misconceptions of humanity throughout the ages. Today we begin to reveal the basic truth: The world is managed but not by us, but rather by the Creator, nature, and our existence depends upon our similarity to its laws. When humanity was forced to become global in its development, it transformed into being obligated to maintain the laws of nature in relation to human society, to become a single whole.

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“Adults” And “Children”

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe “nations of the world” are the desires in man that are unable to reach correction independently. They need desires called “Israel.” This refers to the type of soul, not the nation; in other words, it depends on whether man has acquired this desire.

Only through Israel can the Light be passed to the nations of the world, the desires that are unable to correct themselves on their own. From this we need to understand that if you were given the desire for the spiritual, you must realize it correctly! And you yourself will not attain if you do not pass the desire you received to the correction of the world.

Behind every person of Israel who has received the desire for the Creator, there are those who lack this desire and we must supply them with Light! They will not be able to ask for correction and react on their own, we must help them, fulfill them! There are no questions here; this is the structure of the world.

These parts, Israel and nations of the world, exist in each one of us, in every desire and every thought. We constantly need to evaluate what we are working with now and which part we are turning to. We always needs to turn to the most inner part, both in others and ourselves.

Israel itself is also divided into Israel in Israel and the nations of the world. One part of the nations of the world is Israel, ready to hear things, and the other part is the nations of the world. And the low desires are called “sinners”; these desires also have an inner part, which possibly thinks about some kind of correction.

Every person consists of all these qualities; since the breaking of the souls, everyone has everything: Israel, the nations of the world, and sinners! But we need to determine the part that we can work with. If a person has a point in the heart that pulls him up, then he is referred to as Israel because of that. And if it does not speak within him, it is buried deep inside, then he belongs to the nations of the world. But you must bring it to correction regardless.

This is what is referred to as “being the light for the nations of the world,” to provide spiritual fulfillment for everyone. The only difference is that these desires are unable to get in touch with the Creator and raise MAN on their own. Israel must come out to them, take their desires, connect them to itself, “translate” them to the language of the spiritual desire in order to attract the Light from above towards them, and provide them with fulfillment in a form they understand.

This is similar to the way a person takes care of other parts of nature: the still, vegetative, and animate, by doing the things they themselves cannot do. But we usually exploit them for our benefit, while here we are talking about bestowal, the directly opposite action. In other words, it’s the opposite, like helping children in order to provide them with everything they need!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Don’t Expect Others To Do Your Job!

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of us reside in the ocean of the Light of infinity, the Light of bestowal and love, but we don’t perceive it because we are separated from each other. How do we experience it? Start unifying with everyone; after all, there is a reason why it is written: “Love your neighbor as yourself— it is the great law of the Torah” (Torah has the same root as the word “Ohr” (Light).

Don’t Expect Others To Do Your Job!
To achieve this you are granted a group. If you reach such a connection with the friends that is similar to the Light in a small degree, you begin to perceive it, to unveil it. And it depends only on you! Don’t expect the group to do this work for you; the group is already there. If you enter it correctly, you will get to see that it is already inside the Light.

It is only that “anyone who judges does so based on their own flaws.” And if you are not ready and are not inside it, all of them will seem to you as worthless egoists that are unable to accomplish anything. But if you enter the group correctly, you discover that all of them are mutually connected by the mutual guarantee and reside in perfection inside the Upper Light. And you plug into this Light.

Thus, by way of uniting the desires, Kelim (and all of us are desires), thanks to the quality of this unity, you arrive to the Light. Within these desires, you discover phenomena regarded as the Light, similar to how you discover that some mechanism is run by electricity. The Light that is revealed to you is the degree of connection, the measure of bestowal, between all of you.

And all the sayings of the Torah such as “All Israel are friends,” “Love others as you love yourself,” “Don’t do to others what is hateful to you,” etc., are not mere words. They are the laws of nature; by observing them, you find the Light that fills you.
From Kab TV’s “Kabbalah for Beginners” 12/8/10

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Seven Years Of Famine

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot”: …I once interpreted the saying of our sages, “He whose Torah is his trade.” The measure of his faith is apparent in his practice of Torah because the letters of the word, Umanuto (his trade), are the same (in Hebrew) as the letters of the word, Emunato (his faith).

It is like a person who trusts his friend and lends him money. He may trust him with a pound, and if he asks for two pounds he will refuse to lend him. He might also trust him with one hundred pounds, but not more. Also, he might trust him enough to lend him half his properties, but not all his properties. Finally, he may trust him with all his properties without a hint of fear. This last faith is considered “whole faith,” and the previous forms are considered “incomplete faith.” Rather it is partial faith, whether more or less.

In the above passage, money is used only as an example. In fact, it talks about our readiness to refuse everything we have for the sake of our friends. This is what Baal HaSulam calls whole faith.

Question: What does it mean to refuse everything I have?

Answer: It’s a matter of sensation. For the sake of your friend you are ready to give up the most precious thing, an opportunity to exit to spirituality. If you’re not ready for that, you’re not working for the Creator’s sake. In such a case, you don’t have faith, and subsequently, you are detached from spirituality.

Question: Why is it called faith?

Answer: In this context, faith means bestowal, the power of self-annulling, self-renunciation. However, you should not even try to follow this condition by yourself. The power of bestowal will descend to you with the help of the Reforming Light under the condition that you ask for It. For that, you should apply efforts and be a part of the group. Then, due to jealousy, passions, and ambitions, you’ll see that your friends have already attained the higher states and that you want to be like them. If not, then affliction will push you in this direction anyway and you will still sense the desire to transition from receiving to bestowing.

All over the world, we observe waves of crisis that “summarize” a current developmental spin. What exactly did it bring to us? On one hand, the lives of innumerable amount of people became much better. No longer are they as poor as those who used to have nothing at all but their lives.

For quite a long time people believed in capitalism. In other words, they trusted that their egoistic motivation would let them achieve success. Really, why shouldn’t they improve their living? Of course, on their way to success, they needed to stay within rigid frames of law, inside concrete legal boundaries, rather than making an atmosphere of overall permissiveness and bloodshed. Each one has the freedom to do whatever they want! Do you want to indulge in industrial production, trade, banking, technologies, etc.? Go for it and achieve. As a result of this attitude, people started to chase success and applied tremendous exertions on this path.

On the other hand, they obtained financial freedom, became more educated, accumulated personal properties, started to travel all over the world, and got used to overall abundance. At this point, they became very vulnerable to the blows of destiny as opposed to when they used to be poor.

It explains why “seven years of famine” only happen after “seven years of abundance.” At some point in time, the Jews had a great life under the governance of a generous Egyptian king who provided them with the best possible conditions in life. The Pharaoh used to be a “president,” whereas Yosef (Joseph) used to be his “prime minister” who enjoyed unlimited powers. Not a bad word could be said about either of them. This is how the Creator “exalted” the entire people so that it “gained weight” and became “obese.” Then, the Creator started to take the “fat of abundance” away from the Jewish people, so that they could experience new tendencies on their own “skin.”

Lowering of income and a loss of capital are two dissimilar things. It feels different when we fail to earn an additional one thousand dollars, than if we lose only one hundred dollars that was already in our pocket. This unfortunate one hundred makes us even sorrier than if we failed to earn an extra thousand, since it was already ours. For a whole month we relive the loss of that one hundred dollars, whereas the loss of the potential one thousand does not leave such a bitter taste in us at all.

That’s why nowadays humanity is elevated to a very high material level. At this time, the “fatty deposit” is being taken away from us, layer by layer, until the “meat” is revealed, meaning until the entire bodily tissue is “stripped off” the bone. This is called “seven years of famine,” which will end in “ten Egyptian plagues” during which “Egyptians” will continue “hating and despising the Jews.” In other words, our opposition with our own egoism becomes intolerable to us, and we don’t know what to do with it any longer. At the same time, we know that it is our ego that doesn’t allow us to breathe.

Today, we have everything: banking structures, developed industry, healthcare systems, and good education…anything we want! However, these mechanisms act against us. Doctors and pharmacists are interested in keeping people unhealthy so they can feed us with questionable, or most of the time, useless medications. Industry and trade have turned into  deceit and “money sucking instruments.” To make a long story short, all man-made systems that we used to rely on turned out to be rotten.

It happened only some 60-70 years ago. We thought we were approaching the “bright future” in which everybody would have a house, a job, would enjoy good health, go on vacations, and have a decent pension plan. Instead, when we reached a certain level, our egoistic desires started to descend and buried our hopes. The middle class is gradually disappearing, and everything is returning to previous circles: elites on the top and billions of starving people at the bottom. This is what seven years of famine look like.

How can it possibly be so? Where is the logic? Elites should be afraid that this scenario will cause huge turmoil and riots. The poor will ask questions and it will be impossible to stop them. Moreover, the upper class won’t be able to stop draining their people of everything they have; they won’t leave anything to them, and it will lead them to complete poverty. Egoism will not allow the upper class to change their behavior because this is the program that is rooted in them.

On one’s way to wealth, as well as during one’s downfalls into poverty, one measures and evaluates one’s losses.  People who were at the top and then fell will think hard about what really happened to them. While they think about their lives, they will suddenly see: “Our egoism has devoured us. Our own nature is our hater. It doesn’t allow us to live well. If we don’t correct our nature, we’ll be totally lost.”

Even the elite and the “Croesus” who will survive and win capital battles will feel this way. Let’s say, only a hundred winners will get out of the inferno of the fights for survival. They will “bend” others. There won’t be any transitional connecting links that feed intermediary layers of society. Future governing mechanisms will transition to a virtual space. In the end, every person will ask a major question: “What do I do now?” They will see that their egoism destroys boundaries, goes crazy, and does what it wants. Our nature will never allow us to obtain balance.

It’s so obvious! Isn’t that enough to distribute some part of our proceeds to the poor and support their livelihood? However, even the biggest charitable assistance disappears without any trace, as in Africa.  It doesn’t matter how much we dispense to those in need; there is nothing ever left and it’s never enough. Their needs only continue to grow.

This is the point at which people will start screaming about the evil that will be revealed in them, when they understand that they cannot cope with their egoism. It’s as if a snake crawled inside each of us and now eats us from within, as a cancerous tumor that cannot be treated.

This is a scenario of how the external world will develop. We have no right to sit and wait for it to happen. We have to finally notify people about the methodology of correction, and it has to be done immediately.

We are making every effort to do it. We accelerate time and develop together with the Creator, with the group, with the example of what we have to eventually achieve. We know beforehand what our development will bring us: unity, the aspiration to help each other learn how to love our neighbors as ourselves, equal distribution that is based on integral education. We set up this ideal and constantly aspire to it.

Thus, besides the problems that push us from behind, we have one more power that pulls us forward. Even though the blows in the future will be quite strong, we have an additional hauling power that attracts us forward. We do have knowledge, aspire to our mission, and pursue our goal. We study the picture that is in front of us and it starts literally flourishing and accelerating time.

One way or another, everybody will eventually realize that egoism is evil and  it will kill us. It will become so obvious that all we’ll have to do is dig our own graves for ourselves. After all, we cannot go against nature unless we use the methodology of correction that is created particularly for this reason.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/13, Writings of Rabash

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