“Adults” And “Children”

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe “nations of the world” are the desires in man that are unable to reach correction independently. They need desires called “Israel.” This refers to the type of soul, not the nation; in other words, it depends on whether man has acquired this desire.

Only through Israel can the Light be passed to the nations of the world, the desires that are unable to correct themselves on their own. From this we need to understand that if you were given the desire for the spiritual, you must realize it correctly! And you yourself will not attain if you do not pass the desire you received to the correction of the world.

Behind every person of Israel who has received the desire for the Creator, there are those who lack this desire and we must supply them with Light! They will not be able to ask for correction and react on their own, we must help them, fulfill them! There are no questions here; this is the structure of the world.

These parts, Israel and nations of the world, exist in each one of us, in every desire and every thought. We constantly need to evaluate what we are working with now and which part we are turning to. We always needs to turn to the most inner part, both in others and ourselves.

Israel itself is also divided into Israel in Israel and the nations of the world. One part of the nations of the world is Israel, ready to hear things, and the other part is the nations of the world. And the low desires are called “sinners”; these desires also have an inner part, which possibly thinks about some kind of correction.

Every person consists of all these qualities; since the breaking of the souls, everyone has everything: Israel, the nations of the world, and sinners! But we need to determine the part that we can work with. If a person has a point in the heart that pulls him up, then he is referred to as Israel because of that. And if it does not speak within him, it is buried deep inside, then he belongs to the nations of the world. But you must bring it to correction regardless.

This is what is referred to as “being the light for the nations of the world,” to provide spiritual fulfillment for everyone. The only difference is that these desires are unable to get in touch with the Creator and raise MAN on their own. Israel must come out to them, take their desires, connect them to itself, “translate” them to the language of the spiritual desire in order to attract the Light from above towards them, and provide them with fulfillment in a form they understand.

This is similar to the way a person takes care of other parts of nature: the still, vegetative, and animate, by doing the things they themselves cannot do. But we usually exploit them for our benefit, while here we are talking about bestowal, the directly opposite action. In other words, it’s the opposite, like helping children in order to provide them with everything they need!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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