Don’t Expect Others To Do Your Job!

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of us reside in the ocean of the Light of infinity, the Light of bestowal and love, but we don’t perceive it because we are separated from each other. How do we experience it? Start unifying with everyone; after all, there is a reason why it is written: “Love your neighbor as yourself— it is the great law of the Torah” (Torah has the same root as the word “Ohr” (Light).

Don’t Expect Others To Do Your Job!
To achieve this you are granted a group. If you reach such a connection with the friends that is similar to the Light in a small degree, you begin to perceive it, to unveil it. And it depends only on you! Don’t expect the group to do this work for you; the group is already there. If you enter it correctly, you will get to see that it is already inside the Light.

It is only that “anyone who judges does so based on their own flaws.” And if you are not ready and are not inside it, all of them will seem to you as worthless egoists that are unable to accomplish anything. But if you enter the group correctly, you discover that all of them are mutually connected by the mutual guarantee and reside in perfection inside the Upper Light. And you plug into this Light.

Thus, by way of uniting the desires, Kelim (and all of us are desires), thanks to the quality of this unity, you arrive to the Light. Within these desires, you discover phenomena regarded as the Light, similar to how you discover that some mechanism is run by electricity. The Light that is revealed to you is the degree of connection, the measure of bestowal, between all of you.

And all the sayings of the Torah such as “All Israel are friends,” “Love others as you love yourself,” “Don’t do to others what is hateful to you,” etc., are not mere words. They are the laws of nature; by observing them, you find the Light that fills you.
From Kab TV’s “Kabbalah for Beginners” 12/8/10

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