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Super Weapon – The Power Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanExplaining to the external audience that a good life is only possible if the law of mutual guarantee is observed, we cannot be limited only by appeals. It will leave people untouched, like a school teacher’s instruction that students pay no attention to.

In order to really affect people, we must act not by means of our own strength, but we need to attract the Light. After you bring them the knowledge of what does not exist in our nature, they need to trust you and feel that there is truth in your words; that is the real opportunity to realize what was said.

Due to what force can it be realized? People will not believe us and will consider us naive dreamers. How can we explain the method of integral education in a few words so that they feel the real force behind it in and don’t consider us to be kibbutz members or communists?

Otherwise, you would just lecture that we should love one another and you would be asked, “What? Did you fall from the moon? Don’t you see what world you live in?” You yourself do not care about others in the way you preach. You are talking about completely unrealistic things that no one will accept but a few thousand people like you.

The Creator awakens these thousands of special people around the world and gives them the force to unite. But there is no merit of yours in this at al; it’s all done by the upper force that keeps us. And in what way can we explain to the rest of people how to achieve the good life?

We realize that the Creator is revealed only in this world, in its desires, in this area; there is no other place of revelation. Our relations must improve and then we will feel that the power of love expands between us. It is the Creator. We will reveal Him, but we will reveal here, as taught by the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world! Indeed, all the spiritual worlds are more sophisticated connections that are revealed between us. They have no separate place, only here.

So, we can go to the outside public only if we have the force that can change a person. When I explained to the people who understand what I was going to do, they immediately said, “So, you want to change nature? Well, go and try!” Smart people, scientists—biologists, politicians, and sociologists—familiar with the human nature of this world understand that it is absolutely impossible like as if to replace a minus with a plus, to cancel the force of gravity. And if that is not possible, what can we talk about?

So, first of all, you must be sure that you possess the power to realize what was said. And when you turn to someone, you should be able to give him the feeling that you are talking about real, feasible things. Without this, you will get not explanations, but sweet dreams. We must give the other party a feeling that we are in mutual guarantee, that there is unity between us, mutual connection, something beyond our nature.

A person does not understand what his nature is but he feels that he is approached by a superman, possessing new abilities, new outlook, perception, extraordinary power, having the tools to realize his words. And this is possible only under the condition that you are armed with mutual guarantee, otherwise the Upper Light will not come with you, will not act through you. The Light is revealed through the vessel of mutual guarantee and then starts to work.

And without mutual guarantee only your selfish, egoistic motives act in you. Therefore, if a person does not feel some special power in you, he will just laugh at you. That is, he will make you understand by this path of suffering that you have to change. He has to see in you Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with the commandments of the covenant in his hand, surrounded by rays of light, with a radiant face!

He has to see in you this inner strength, higher than earthly. After all, you show him an example of social behavior at a level that is above this world. And then the person will agree; he will also want to be able to become like this and will accept your offer.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/01/13, Shamati #38 “The Fear of God Is His Treasure”

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A Prophet, Work And Designation

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “One Commandment”:  Although Moses received the Torah and the laws for all the generations, to such an extent that the prophet is not entitled to any innovations, his prophecy was only given for a time.

…and his only task is to extend that same prophecy to those generations that are no longer worthy of receiving from the first.

And the last prophet is the Messiah, who completes them all. He, too, is certainly not permitted to add or subtract, but his success will be greater, since the whole generation will be fit to accept his words and be completed through him.

Question: What meant by a “prophet”?

Answer: I say something to the extent of my understanding. A prophet is someone who is connected to the Creator on the level of Bina (where he “hears”) or on the level of Hochma (where he “sees”). A prophet is a messenger who operates especially outside himself on behalf of the public, of the external circles, for the sake of correcting the vessels, the desires.

We go through different corrections in the general system: different parts of desires connect in different manners. So a certain “area,” a certain desire, a certain part, has a role, to bring about additional corrections to some of the desires, “areas,” or parts of the system. So, with regard to them, this part is called a prophet. The additional abundance for the correction of a certain part of the general soul goes through him.

On the whole, the creation is made of the still, vegetative, and animate nature and the speaking that communicate with each other in different ways. Then a certain part is revealed and it reflects a certain power and special guidance to the other parts. The effect of this part is not limited to a certain time span of its activity and it actually joins the system that needs to be corrected for a certain amount of actions or “years.”

Thus a prophet operates in his time, but his actions and his contribution remain in the system. He had a special vessel, a special soul, through which the Creator operates on others.


A Prophet, Work And Designation


On the one hand, this is the Creator’s choice from within the system, of course, and on the other hand, it is still a person’s work too. It is the work that waits until he reaches this role, but this role is already predetermined, and made for him and he cannot escape it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/01/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam “One Commandment

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The Universal Wonder Drug

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe dissemination of the integral method to the masses consists of information and education. These are two great parallel issues.

It is very difficult to go out to people with information since they need to listen, understand, and internalize what happens with their minds. But there are few who can do this. Why and what for?

Therefore, it is preferable to go out to them with education, which is to say to convey to them the simplest workshops on various subjects for an hour or forty minutes. The main thing is that they should feel that they are found in a discussion circle and not an argument, rather they all only complete each other. We guide them, we explain to them the conditions for our workshop: It is forbidden to argue with anyone; we adapt to each other to find commonality within our circle that we call a “raspberry ball.”

They will feel this after half an hour and will understand us without words, we have already seen this more than once. So they will be convinced that if they work according to the integral system, they can solve all problems at work, at home with the children, and with neighbors precisely in a form like this.

The moment that we present this framework to them, it will be easier for us to talk with them. They will feel that in our engagement some kind of inner power appears in us as a result of the connection between us that can influence us, correct and change us, and bring us closer; in other words, this is something serious that truly exists, and not some kind of fantasy or nice words.

After they feel this power, they will begin to ask what this is. And then we begin to explain to them that in our world this phenomenon is called the “wisdom of crowd.”

But essentially this is the discovery of the Creator, the discovery of the power of connection. When people come closer and rise a little above their ego, connecting above it, conceding to each other, then there is equivalence of form with the Creator. When we rise to a particular level, we awaken the influence of the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) on us and we feel that we have received some kind of new power. This is a physical power of equivalence of form: action and reaction.

It is logical that if we continue to rise, we awaken greater Ohr Makif, rising even further; we awaken an even greater Light and so on. It will continue to influence us more and more strongly all the time.

The Universal Wonder Drug-1

In a form like this, thanks to our original ego, we rise above it more and more. We transform all of its density into ascension.

Suppose that I descend to some level within my ego, and after this I rise to that level (love), transform the negative power (-) into a positive (+) one, into bestowal, into love, into connection between us. I descend to an even lower level, and after that rise above it again, and so forth. That is how I act. The ego was created for this; it gives us the opportunity to rise above it.

The greater the ego, the more I can rise above it until I descend completely to its last “fourth level” and will rise to the highest “fourth level” which is called Gmar Tikkun (full correction).

Therefore in principle we can simply explain to people what the secret is here, what the mysteries are.

There are no mysteries here. It is necessary to work correctly with two natural forces. And since we are found only within the ego, we need a second force against it, the power of Light.

The Universal Wonder Drug-2

So we have something with which to go out to the masses, it is only necessary to teach, to explain, to approach people correctly, and to check from the start what they are suffering from. There is one remedy! But so it will be clear to a person, we need to speak with him about what hurts him.

Imagine that there are thousands of different “invalids” among the people who complain about everything in life: physical, mental, moral, and material problems. And for us there is one universal remedy. And it works! But in order to build a connection with people, it is up to us to know from the start from what it is that they are suffering. This is the method of integral education and information.

For educating, we create various films, videos, books, brochures, and media production that explain to people how to act and how to conduct workshops that bring a connection between people.

There is no choice! We have no other tool for connecting to the Upper Light. We can attract it to us only if we are found in some circle. This is what we must teach people. To do this, I have a conversation series “A New Life,” presenting to everyone that this is the only single remedy.

In the integral workshops it is up to us to teach young couples to cooperate correctly between them, parents how to connect with their children, and children to connect with one another. It is necessary to teach all of them in plants, factories, institutions, and offices, no matter where.

The use of integral education in schools points toward progress: a decline in the phenomenon of pregnancies, reduced gang violence, and children beginning to relate differently to each other. We are doing activities like these in prisons and we get letters from the prisoners and prison managers that they are grateful to Bnei Baruch for the amazing results from integral education.

It is possible to heal with this! It is possible to raise people up with this. With the help of this, it is possible to work wonders!

Therefore, to date we have in our hands a most serious too—connection. Since our entire world was created as a result of the shattering of the one and only soul, it is up to us to gather this shattered soul, this shattered desire, like a puzzle. Then we get the feeling of the coming level, for in fact nothing is changed around us; rather, only the perception of our reality is changed.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 3

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Children And The Elderly Slow Down Global Economic Growth

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from nakedcapitalism): “Over the past few years, I have written a series of articles arguing that the ageing of populations across the globe would have major adverse implications for consumption spending, asset values, and government revenues and taxation.

“I have also argued that the impacts from ageing would likely be most acute in Western Nations, although some developing countries, most notably China, would also be negatively affected.

“The problem stems primarily from the coming end of the demographic ‘sweet spot. ’That is, where there is a high proportion of working age people supporting only a small pool of dependents. Such an advantageous age structure has affected almost all of the world’s major economies and produced a population structure optimal to economic growth – that is, where the largest segments of the population were neither young nor old, but in the middle (i.e. working age). …

“The danger is not in the slower growth. Slow growth is not a bad thing. It’s still growth. The danger is in an expectations gap, in which we consider slower growth unacceptable….

“The high growth rates experienced in the decades leading-up to the global financial crisis were an anomaly and growth is likely to be far more sedate going forward as the population ages and dependency ratios worsen.”

My Comment: Growth will not happen; the world will nonetheless come to equilibrium when we produce exactly what is necessary not to enrich, but to provide everyone with the necessary goods and services and no more. Nature will destroy everything manufactured in excess of this by any means at its disposal: epidemics, natural disasters, wars. Indeed, the plan of nature is to bring all its parts, including humanity, in balance.

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An Escape In The Middle Of The Night

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe lack the urge, the yearning, the intention, the stimulation, and the need. We seem to want spirituality, we listen and study but we are not burning to such an extent that it becomes an obsession, an existential fear. What can we do if we don’t have such a burning desire?

It seems that we cannot bring ourselves to feel the correct fear by ourselves in order to draw the Light that Reforms. We are not strong enough for it. We cannot get close enough to one another so that we will feel that we really need that, so that all our prayers, hopes, and desires will connect and mix so that each one loses his sensation of self. We don’t feel the need for that, we don’t have such a desire!

It is only when we get a new deficiency from the outside, from external people who demand our help and we feel under pressure and helpless. It’s like a person who lives by himself and doesn’t really worry about himself, thinking that he will manage somehow. But after he has a family all day long he thinks about what he will bring home in the evening to feed his children. These are already obligations from which you cannot escape.

It’s the same in our case. When we establish connections with the public and promise them something, then as result of the inclination for respect, control, and fear of shame, we are forced to worry about the fulfillment of all our commitments. The need to fill the deficiencies of the public forces us to be more strongly connected between us, we feel to what extent we need the friends.

If these external deficiencies are not sufficient to make us feel the worry and the fear of the need to reach connection, the Creator also sends us enemies and persecutors against whom we have to fight and win. Otherwise it hurts our pride and our good reputation making us feel uneasy and disappointed. Thus, new voids are revealed in us that we could never reveal by ourselves because of the body of our ego’s protective force. The Creator reveals them by sending external opponents, “barking dogs.”

We have to regard all these means as help from above. These negative forces add to our weak powers through which we have tried to connect and to attain something; it gives us a strong push forward and corporeal impressions that penetrate to our bones and hit us in the most sensitive spot.

Let’s hope that these powers will be strong enough to bring us to the cry for help, as it says “and the children of Israel cried out from the work. And the Lord heard their moan.” This is very serious work. We mustn’t blur and ignore these attacks but rather should fear them, feel ashamed, and work with the right means that we have been given in order to succeed.

These are all “help against.” Nothing in our world was created for no reason but only to help us. Although we have to guard ourselves and to take the right stand concerning the criticism and all the problems we encounter, worrying about the success and the fulfillment of our promises to the public, we also have to thank the Creator for all the means, the bitter impressions, the medicine for our ego that help us detach ourselves from it and to ascend.

We have to be equipped with a deficiency that covers up the gap between the two levels: the current level and the next level, the spiritual one. The formula for that includes my desire to receive and that of the public and of my enemies. We have to connect all that to one formula and to include it in a prayer, MAN, in order to make it powerful enough to receive a response from above, MAD. MAN and MAD create the Direct Light and the Returning Light and raise all of us connected as one to the next higher level.

It’s our common ascent. Moses didn’t come out of Egypt by himself, he only escaped to Jethro for a while and then returned. Only together can we exit the enslavement of the ego and this we mustn’t forget.

We establish a strong desire to come out of Egypt and to leap to the new spiritual level by our wide dissemination. All the fears, anxieties, blows, and disappointments were given to us only in order to connect us more strongly and to force us to escape at the right moment. Pharaoh’s army, the negative force, and the night that under its cover we have the opportunity to escape despite the dark and unpleasant state, all connect into the right entirety of the forces that are meant to lead to our birth into the new world.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/30/13

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We Live In An Era Of Revelation Of The Concealed

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll religions and philosophy are based on knowledge leaked to them from Kabbalah. The prohibitions and concealments of the wisdom of Kabbalah were imposed by Kabbalists. Such concealment allowed others to sell stolen knowledge as if it were their own.

On the other hand, however, when Kabbalah was finally revealed, everyone inevitably oppose it, because it’s a revelation of the source of all other teachings. After all, their existence depends on the fact that Kabbalah was hidden.

All religions are based on concealment. If the Creator were revealed, would there still be a place for religions and faiths? What can you to believe in, if everything is clear to all?

In other words, there are only 3 states:

1. The state of revelation that existed at the time of the First and the Second Temple, when people clearly sensed the Creator, and everyone knew what to do.

2. The state of concealment that is divided into two:

1) a period when even the method of the Creator’s revelation was hidden

2) a period of revelation of the method of Kabbalah in order to reveal the Creator.

From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/16/2010, “The Handmaid that Is Heir to Her Mistress”

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Depart From Evil

when it is accustomed to falsehood and deceit, it is then impossible to walk by another way, and this forces man to proceed with falsehood and deceit when one is alone, too.

It turns out that one must deceive oneself and cannot tell oneself the truth at all, because he does not find any special preference to the truth.

We might say that he who thinks that he is deceiving his friend, is really deceiving the Creator, since besides man’s body there is only the Creator.

We are continually present within the Creator’s nature and permanently deal with His forces, although we don’t remember this, neither do we completely realize this fact. Nature’s systems react to our deceit and as a consequence we receive negative feedback.

… The Creator wants man to feel that he is a separated reality from Him; but except for that, it is all “the whole earth is full of His glory.”

Otherwise, we would be fully subordinate to His authority and would not feel “autonomous.” But in fact. nature always rules over us.

Hence, when lying to one’s friend, one is lying to the Creator; and when saddening one’s friend, one is saddening the Creator. For this reason, if one is accustomed to speak the truth, it will help him with respect to the Creator.

By doing so, we gradually start to feel the upper system and have reciprocal contact with It; eventually we come to understand and completely merge with It.
From Baal HaSulam, Shamati #67, “Depart from Evil”

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Awakening In The World of Perfection

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, Chapter “Bereshit – 2”, Item 101: “When everyone is included as one into a third chamber, and the desire and the prayer rises to take its place in the fourth chamber, then all become as one—one desire and one connection, and this is the place of the bowing to bring contentment to one’s Maker.”

We have to make efforts to see the entire creation as it still exists in its first and third states. The second state, which we currently observe, is only a play of our imagination, as it is said “We were as dreamers.”

We have to rise above the dream and wake up. Depending on how strong our aspiration to stay alert and sense the genuine reality is, to that degree we elicit the Light, accelerating time (Achishena) so that it influences us.

Probably, it is better not to delve into internal scrutiny, wanting to discover how much we are in hatred instead of love. Perhaps, it is still difficult for us. It is better to aspire to the authentic state because essentially, we are in the world of infinity, the world of unity, perfection, and integration. But now, we are experiencing a certain confusion, which is purposely given to us, because only by applying our efforts to attain perfection and interconnection do we reveal the original state and wake up from unconsciousness. Similarly, a person who wants to wake up from sleep, become round, needs to apply certain efforts. Although, we are awakened from outside, we still have to try to wake up internally.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/28/12, The Zohar

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