The Universal Wonder Drug

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe dissemination of the integral method to the masses consists of information and education. These are two great parallel issues.

It is very difficult to go out to people with information since they need to listen, understand, and internalize what happens with their minds. But there are few who can do this. Why and what for?

Therefore, it is preferable to go out to them with education, which is to say to convey to them the simplest workshops on various subjects for an hour or forty minutes. The main thing is that they should feel that they are found in a discussion circle and not an argument, rather they all only complete each other. We guide them, we explain to them the conditions for our workshop: It is forbidden to argue with anyone; we adapt to each other to find commonality within our circle that we call a “raspberry ball.”

They will feel this after half an hour and will understand us without words, we have already seen this more than once. So they will be convinced that if they work according to the integral system, they can solve all problems at work, at home with the children, and with neighbors precisely in a form like this.

The moment that we present this framework to them, it will be easier for us to talk with them. They will feel that in our engagement some kind of inner power appears in us as a result of the connection between us that can influence us, correct and change us, and bring us closer; in other words, this is something serious that truly exists, and not some kind of fantasy or nice words.

After they feel this power, they will begin to ask what this is. And then we begin to explain to them that in our world this phenomenon is called the “wisdom of crowd.”

But essentially this is the discovery of the Creator, the discovery of the power of connection. When people come closer and rise a little above their ego, connecting above it, conceding to each other, then there is equivalence of form with the Creator. When we rise to a particular level, we awaken the influence of the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) on us and we feel that we have received some kind of new power. This is a physical power of equivalence of form: action and reaction.

It is logical that if we continue to rise, we awaken greater Ohr Makif, rising even further; we awaken an even greater Light and so on. It will continue to influence us more and more strongly all the time.

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In a form like this, thanks to our original ego, we rise above it more and more. We transform all of its density into ascension.

Suppose that I descend to some level within my ego, and after this I rise to that level (love), transform the negative power (-) into a positive (+) one, into bestowal, into love, into connection between us. I descend to an even lower level, and after that rise above it again, and so forth. That is how I act. The ego was created for this; it gives us the opportunity to rise above it.

The greater the ego, the more I can rise above it until I descend completely to its last “fourth level” and will rise to the highest “fourth level” which is called Gmar Tikkun (full correction).

Therefore in principle we can simply explain to people what the secret is here, what the mysteries are.

There are no mysteries here. It is necessary to work correctly with two natural forces. And since we are found only within the ego, we need a second force against it, the power of Light.

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So we have something with which to go out to the masses, it is only necessary to teach, to explain, to approach people correctly, and to check from the start what they are suffering from. There is one remedy! But so it will be clear to a person, we need to speak with him about what hurts him.

Imagine that there are thousands of different “invalids” among the people who complain about everything in life: physical, mental, moral, and material problems. And for us there is one universal remedy. And it works! But in order to build a connection with people, it is up to us to know from the start from what it is that they are suffering. This is the method of integral education and information.

For educating, we create various films, videos, books, brochures, and media production that explain to people how to act and how to conduct workshops that bring a connection between people.

There is no choice! We have no other tool for connecting to the Upper Light. We can attract it to us only if we are found in some circle. This is what we must teach people. To do this, I have a conversation series “A New Life,” presenting to everyone that this is the only single remedy.

In the integral workshops it is up to us to teach young couples to cooperate correctly between them, parents how to connect with their children, and children to connect with one another. It is necessary to teach all of them in plants, factories, institutions, and offices, no matter where.

The use of integral education in schools points toward progress: a decline in the phenomenon of pregnancies, reduced gang violence, and children beginning to relate differently to each other. We are doing activities like these in prisons and we get letters from the prisoners and prison managers that they are grateful to Bnei Baruch for the amazing results from integral education.

It is possible to heal with this! It is possible to raise people up with this. With the help of this, it is possible to work wonders!

Therefore, to date we have in our hands a most serious too—connection. Since our entire world was created as a result of the shattering of the one and only soul, it is up to us to gather this shattered soul, this shattered desire, like a puzzle. Then we get the feeling of the coming level, for in fact nothing is changed around us; rather, only the perception of our reality is changed.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 3

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