Equality In The Group Is A Vital Necessity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly under the condition of unity in the group will we be able to succeed in everything on our path. And if there is no such unity, then our forces are negligible. It will be just a material force, and even if we succeed in something, it will just be superficial. We can gain great material achievements, but they are worth nothing in a spiritual sense.

The group must guard its unity, connection, and equality as a vital necessity! We need to behave toward external people the same way everyone else does, using courts, lawyers, advertising as is customary in the world. But internally between the friends, all the relationships have to be built in the form of circles. One does not prevent the other: in circles (Igulim) inside and outside, the line.

You can be a great Kabbalist, but outside you have to behave in the standard “line” like all others. If someone tries to deceive you, you also have to use tricks. If someone tries to steal from you, you have to react accordingly. It does not mean that you have to steal, but don’t be a naïve simpleton, which is usually how external people want to see a Kabbalist. If everyone around behaves in this way, why should a Kabbalist behave differently? People think that he would be called a righteous man if he allows everyone to take advantage of him. But of course, he should not be so naïve.

This applies to external behavior in the outside world, but within the group, we need to keep the circle in the most precise way. Mutual guarantee obliges us to maintain equality. However, this equality should be relative; what is required from everyone, each according to his capabilities, is his ability to cancel himself. Equality means that everyone invests into it as much as he can; at least, he is working on it.

The group should not have people who control it as they please. Perhaps, they are right and know how to control everything, but it does not bring any spiritual gain. We can achieve huge material success, but if there is no spiritual component, it will all eventually burst like a soap bubble.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/13, Writings of Rabash

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