What Is Equality?

Dr. Michael LaitmanEquality is when every one of us has equal opportunities, meaning the conventional, individual opportunity to express ourselves properly in the collective, integrated system, the opportunity to receive and bestow, and to be balanced with the others.

It’s the same as how the heart is equal to the liver, the kidneys, the legs, the arms, and all the other organs. But in what way are they equal? They are equal in that they interact with each other properly. Each one of them does its individual work for the common good, which enables the body to live.

As an analogy, it is not my fault that I was born to have the role of the kidneys, for example, and you were born to be the heart, while someone else – the lungs. In this regard, each one of us is unchangeable. But if we work together harmoniously, then each of us is equal to everyone else and no one is greater than any other. We live our innate potential, which we did not choose.

We were all born into different families and with different inclinations. We have different backgrounds and education levels. We perceive the world differently and relate to things differently. Each of us experiences things in his own way. But if each of us realizes himself in harmony with the others, then this will be equality.

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  1. This is great, the trick is that the very essence of WHO we are changes under this unity, and we become all the organs. Then not only do we transcend ourselves and attain the other’s strength, but we attain both, the hybrid, which is higher than either piece when alone.

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