It Is Pointless To Regret What Was Swallowed In Ein Sof

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if I feel sorry about my previous failures and it prevents me from thinking about anything else?

Answer: When something has already happened there is not point feeling sorry about it, and you should let bygones be bygones. There is none else besides Him and you did whatever you could, according to “If I am not for we, who is for me,” and everything else is in the hands of the Creator since there is none else besides Him. We shouldn’t regret the past. The past is already swallowed in Ein Sof (Infinity). I am not responsible for it; it is the Creator acting through me.

I did everything that I could and my success or lack of it depends on the Creator. This is how He has arranged my actions wanting to show me how distant I still am from Him so that by my next action I will be able to connect to Him.

I shouldn’t think about the previous states now, as if it were I who chose and decided what they would be. These impure thoughts (Klipa) are a mistake, a real deception, if I think that I did something and it wasn’t the Creator who did everything through me. We cannot say this about the future, but we should undoubtedly refer to the past that way.

We repeat this mistake all our life. A person tortures himself about a mistake he made back at school or at the university, and regrets it his whole life, including yesterday and the last couple of moments, but it is forbidden to do so.

A person who is about to die has to say that his whole life passed and it didn’t really belong to him and it wasn’t he who did everything. The upper thought has created him and gave birth to him sometime in the past and put him through a certain path, through different actions, and now he is coming to the end of this path in a certain state and is moving on to the next state.

We cannot change anything in the past and cannot plan anything in the future, not even a couple of moments ahead. Now we discover this truth more and more in the world: All our long-term plans don’t work at all. You can act only at the current moment you are in, and your job is to adhere to the Creator. But the thought about the moment that has passed or about the next moment to come is a sign of lack of faith, of lack of adhesion, of lack of bestowal.

In my current state, I am totally adhered only to the Creator. Make your desire His desire and your actions like His actions and there is nothing else you have to do; it is very simple.

Regretting the past is a great terrible Klipa, impure force, that is constantly depicted to us in pictures from the past forcing us to feel great sorrow: Why did I do that; why did I hurt someone; how did I go wrong; what did I do wrong, etc.  it is a well known mistake and everyone goes through it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/13, Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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