A Million Dollars Or The Upper Light?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The goal of our dissemination is to supply people with what they want. What are we giving them? Is this the million dollars that they want to make, some gifts, or something else?

Answer: Our relationship in regard to the people in the world is like a relationship with little children, we give them what they need and not what they are asking for because they ask for something that is liable to harm them, and we are trying to protect them and keep them far from these things.

If we were to go out to the world and say “Ask for what you want and we will give it to you,” then your question would be correct. But we come to the world and say, “You want money, knowledge, wealth, happiness, health, and security? All of this is available with just a little effort to unite.” We don’t just offer their getting what they want; rather, we establish the conditions necessary for connection.

It is specifically their effort to connect that awakens the Surrounding Light that reaches them through us, and with its influence, their desires begin to be changed, are made more spiritual. Certainly, they still want the regular earthly fulfillments like food, sex, a normal family, various entertainments, but together with this, their desires are fundamentally changed. Therefore our appeal is called Integral Education. They begin to ask other questions.

Essentially we present them with ordinary actions that are accepted in the world. We know that if people gather and do something together most of the time they will succeed. But together with this, we do the opposite. We gather them not in order to carry out work together for the public good, but so that with the shared discussion that they do before the cooperative work, they will feel some kind of new power; a new society is created within them, a “raspberry sphere” is created within them.

Ultimately they will begin to understand that the connection brings them not only a solution to all their day-to-day problems, but also gives a feeling of warmth, elevation in life, and a little energy. They don’t know where it is coming from, but it exists.

We make roundtables around which gather people from various camps that really hate each other, Arabs and Jews, Druze and Bedouins. And suddenly after 40-50 minutes, they are ready to embrace and sing together. The aggression disappears, for the Upper Light passes through us to them. They don’t feel this. The Light works on them and they suddenly begin to understand that they need to rise above their antagonism and, specifically thanks to the hatred, in spite of the hatred, they need to feel mutual attraction and even love.

For the ego was created in order to rise above it and to reach an opposite characteristic. From the characteristic of reception, we reach the characteristic of bestowal, from hatred we reach love. So we justify the Creator who created the ego. It is said: “I created the evil inclination, I created the Torah as a spice”—take it, correct it, and receive a characteristic that is the complete opposite of evil, goodness and love.

Therefore your question, “What do we give them?” is the right question. Through us we convey the Upper Light.

When I work with the public, I begin to need the Creator. For I invest, I promise, I work with people. If nothing succeeds, this will be a disaster. I am like some kind of robber or con man, I get myself into a dangerous situation and wait to see if I will succeed or not. If I don’t succeed, then I will get blows or worse, they will shame and curse me.

Therefore I am compelled (and this is the best situation) to turn to the Creator, for ultimately I feel a need for Him. For the first time in my life I truly need Him. This is because I feel that my ego, my pride, the terrible shame that I am liable to feel if I won’t succeed, simply burns me. This is the worst feeling. And without a choice, with the friends we are ready to do everything in order to succeed.

We are really lucky that in our time there is an opportunity like this. Otherwise we would not build this chain, we would not be ready to turn to the Creator, for our appeal would be egoistic.

A Million Dollars Or The Upper Light?
And since we begin to think about the people, our appeal to the Creator is true MAN. In fact, everything is very simple. We only need to begin and you will see how the Creator puts the conditions before you that insert you into this system: lower, upper, and you in the middle.

A Million Dollars Or The Upper Light?
Specifically you are the middle; therefore, without a choice, both from above to below and also from below to above, you don’t act for your own sake. Ultimately you merit receiving the anti-egoistic parts, first zero, after that the first, the second, the third. This is to say, you begin to feel the spiritual worlds: Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, and so forth.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 4

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