A Brief Overview Of The Course On Integral Education: Economics of Responsible Consumption

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is common knowledge that valuable raw materials are not renewable and eventually will run out. If oil resources are depleted or the price for oil skyrockets even more, it will trigger an immediate and complete collapse because the majority of goods that we use are made from  oil products.

Even the food we eat is comprised of oil, 90% contains petroleum products. Machines, manufacturing, the delivery of goods, etc. run on oil. In other words, a deficiency of oil will lead us to hunger and misery.

That’s why we must transition to a model of responsible consumption and cease producing and consuming only in order to generate sales of products for short-lived use, quickly throw them away, and buy new things. This kind of consumption contaminates oceans, pollutes land, and depletes the Earth of its finite resources. Eventually, we will arrive at complete devastation.

We have no other choice but to turn to a very rigorous economic model of responsible consumption. In fact, we need much less than we have at this time. We have no need for constructing huge buildings, producing excess food, possessing extra clothes, and so forth. Neither do we need endless plane flights.

We must begin acting rationally; otherwise, we will deprive our children and grandchildren of the hope of leading normal lives. We simply will run out of energy sources. It’s our duty to restructure our modern-day economy. Changes can be achieved only through correct integral upbringing.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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