Unity Must Happen Through Our Souls, Not Bodies

Mutual Guarantee in a Virtual GroupA question I received: I believe in one heart and one world. I believe that God is nature, the energy all around us. The energy governs us and gives us information, and we have very little free choice. And I love it that way, I accept it with all my heart.

But I don’t understand the separation of men and women at the Congress? And the Kippah (skullcap)? Are we not supposed to be free of religion and be as one heart? Souls don’t have gender, and Kippahs represent religious separation.

My Answer: The presence of women influences the male hormones and thus distracts the men from the right intention. This is why we prefer to study separately. The unity has to happen through our souls, not bodies. And in addition, the unity has to happen according to the proper scheme, which is clear to those who study the structure of the common soul.

The Kippah and all other external attributes are not required. The Kippah is worn only by Jews, and the only purpose of this is to demonstrate that they received Kabbalah from its source. After all, for 4500 years Kabbalah was passed down within the Jewish nation. Of course, there is absolutely no need for a Kippah or for the observance of any other rituals.

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