Where Have You Seen Other Kabbalists?

othersThree questions I received on Kabbalah dissemination:

Question: In one of your lessons, you asked people for suggestions about disseminating Kabbalah. I had this thought that it’s possible to combine the necessary (Kabbalah) with the useful (education). Who should I contact about this?

My Answer: Write to english@kabbalah.info

Question: With the global crisis deepening, why don’t other groups of Kabbalists (other than Bnei Baruch) help us bring the knowledge to the masses? Shouldn’t we work in unity and bring the whole world to unity as well? Don’t they know that we have to work as one? And why do they criticize us for disseminating Kabbalah?

My Answer: They do not feel that this is their mission, and they find different excuses for not fulfilling Baal HaSulam’s will. This is why they are in such a sad state.

Question: With the world in crisis, why don’t other Kabbalists help to disseminate Kabbalah to the masses? Why can’t we just work as one? Don’t they know that this is what we are supposed to do? Why do they reject us?

My Answer: “Where have you actually seen other Kabbalists?” This is what Baal HaSulam wrote in one of his letters, in response to the same question from a student.

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  1. I agree: This happens because they have received a knowledge that they must spread, and, selfishly, they keep it for themselves. By considering the Creator as the ultimate giver and keeping in mind that we our soul is made of the Divine Image, we must give to receive even more. There’s a good image in the Midrash:
    The Sea of Galillee and the Dead Sea. The first one receives and gives, so that he continues to live, the second one receives and nothing gives, so that’s why it’s called the Dead Sea: it doesn’t live and let live.
    I agree that the Baal HaSulam school it’s the more acessible one, in fact, without the knowledge here available, we cannot understand the ancient schools of Kabbalah: Hechalot, Massee Merkavah, Abulafia, School of Provence, Tzfat, Lurianic, Luzzatto, Early Hassidism and Baal HaSulam.
    So, Bnei Baruch it’s not the only school, i agree, but, IT’S the most acessible one.

    And that means a lot.

  2. Since you posted the question “Where have you seen other Kabbalists?” I feel compelled to answer. I have participated in a Kabbalah study group here in Utah for over 20 yrs. I facilitated a Kabbalah study group in Texas for a short time. Some of the participants were also in your online course. I made “aliyah” to Israel at the end of the 1st “Gulf War”, & spent some time with the Kabbalists at “Ascent” in Safed, & met another in Jerusalem. I’ve met a fair number of Kabbalists from all over the world in the more than 20 yrs. I have been studying the subject.
    My question in return is: “How can you NOT have seen other Kabbalists?”

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