Voodoo And Magic Squares: Should We Take Them Seriously?

the-secret-things-belong-to-the-creatorTwo questions I received about curses and magic squares:

Question: My partner grew up in Africa. She has issues with the Evil Eye and Voodoo and it is apparent that these have grown to be a curse on her life. My partner confides in me each day that she wants to meet a Kabbalist who can help her out of her conditions and jinxes. Please advise me on what to do in this matter.

My Answer: Find a psychologist or an actor who will play a shaman role and convince her that the evil eye has been removed. This will be easier than educating her and making her change her mind. Give her some peace of mind!

Question: I believe I’ve found something about magic squares in the Torah. Are you aware of this? Can you give me some information about it? Or at least your opinion about the meaning of magic squares in Kabbalah?

My Answer: There is no such thing in the Torah. However, people attribute this and all kinds of other mysticism to the Torah and to Kabbalah, although they don’t contain them. There are no miracles in the world! There are only things that are still incomprehensible and unrevealed to man. But what is concealed today will be revealed tomorrow.

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