Who Wants An Apple?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur task is to carry the Light to fulfill the desires, to conduct by intentions.

Our intentions are addressed to the Creator, and the actions to a wider audience, to its needs. These requests always boil down to getting something, and thus they will remain throughout the spiritual ascent. People will ask for more again and again because it is the task of AHP. It grows in its desires, and we are growing in our intentions to bestow.

Question: But how can I ensure the fulfillment of their desires?

Answer: I am in the environment, in the community of people. And besides that, I have a connection with the Creator through the group, with the world of infinity. From there, the Upper Light passes through me and enters a community. Meanwhile, I am not just a fiber-optic channel. After all, in order to carry bestowal to people, I have to make calculations along the way:

1. First of all, I absorb their desires.

2. Then I raise MAN, the request for correction, to the group. In other words, I unite with the group.

3. Next, I raise MAN to the Creator. The request must come from our common circle, and thus I carry it through the group so that it would match the Creator.

4. The whole group gets a response to the request—MAD from above.

5. From the group, I have to transfer it down, having performed a Zivug (interaction) with the Light. And so here, I need to move from the state of smallness (Katnut) to the state of adulthood (Gadlut) to pass their new state to people.

6. And then I carry the Light to the community.


Who Wanted An Apple-2


Question: Suppose for example, the community asked me to get an apple. So, in the end of this sequence, in part 6, will it get an apple?

Answer: Yes, it will get its “apple” through me.

We record the participants’ requirements in the minutes and proceed to the construction of correct relations between them. And as a result, the fulfillment comes from me to them, and then we will check whether everyone received what they desired.

Question: But will it not be an apple?

Answer: They will receive the fulfillment that will satisfy all their needs, including the unspoken and unrecorded, added during the waiting time. After all, spiritual fulfillment comes devoid of form and becomes clothed in a person, filling him like a vessel, desire.

Question: What is required from me at every step of this process?

Answer: The work according to the principle “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” I serve as a conductor, “stretch” from the Creator to the community, and dwell in everyone: in the Creator, in the group, and in the general public. I am a connecting link, like jelly I fill everything with my work, my incessant efforts.

And as I decide to take care of some part of humanity, I must constantly transfer the Light to it, worry about it, love it, connect it with the group, and combine the force, enabling connection with the people and the force, providing connection with the Creator.

The group is standing beside me all the time, supporting and guiding me correctly toward the Creator, and toward the “dependents.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/11/13, “The Peace”

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