The Specifics Of Our Generation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does the work with an external audience develop a need for the Creator and a group?

Answer: Because it is all one vessel. Otherwise there is no need to do this. But if we want to get closer to the Creator, we feel that this is possible only through working with people. The reason is not in caring about other people, because according to the development of our desires, we feel no need for it. But we want to reach the Creator, though still egoistically, and we see that there is no other way.

By investing in work with people egoistically, with the egoistic intention to reach the Creator (Lo Lishma), we still care for others for the sake of revealing Him; that is, we already connect this chain. Our intentions are still incorrect and egoistic, but we are on the path, making correct actions. And then these correct actions attract the Light that Reforms to us, which corrects our intention. Thus, we come from Lo Lishma to Lishma.

We are not required to have an intention; it does not depend on us. We are required only to make efforts where we can and the intention will be corrected because of them. A person cannot be demanded not to think of himself. How is this possible? The intention depends only on the strength of the Light that affects us like a magnet from above. The Light pulls us more and we rise and become inspired by the right intention; it pulls us less and we fall down and think more about ourselves. It all depends on the Light.

We awaken the Light by our desire to correct intention. This is called the realization of evil. A prayer is a request of the intention to bestow, but already on correct actions.

Initially there were Kabbalists who could feel the need to turn to the Creator only because of connection with friends. And we are not capable of that, our desire is more egoistic, broken, and coarse. But on the other hand, precisely because of this, we are able to start working with the general public. This is the characteristic of our generation.

As we work, we feel the need for the group more acutely because we feel that without a connection with it, we will not succeed in external dissemination. And we depend on it because we are ashamed to be losers and spend so much effort in vain; we have already invested too much in this work.

But eventually, the Creator will play with us so that we will realize that we depend only on Him and no one else, neither the public nor ourselves. This is the purpose of all that is happening now in this world, so that we will want Him and understand that the source of our entire life is in Him!
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/27/13, “Group and Dissemination”

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