The Black Center Of The Infinite Universe

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati # 127: “The Difference between Kernel, Essence, and Added Abundance”: …Malchut has no more than a point, a black point that has no whiteness in it.

And if one accepts that point as the core and not as something superfluous that one wishes to be rid of, but moreover, accepts it as adornment, it is called “a handsome abode in one’s heart.” This is because he does not condemn this servitude, but makes it essential to him. This is called “raising Divinity from the dust.” And when one sustains the basis as essential, one can never fall from one’s degree, since there is no departure in the essence.

And when one takes upon himself to work as a black point, where even in the greatest darkness in the world, the Holy Divinity says, “there is no place to hide from you.” Hence, “I am tied to Him in one knot,” “and it will never be detached.” Because of that, one has no cessation of Dvekut (adhesion).

If a black point, which is called the point in the heart, is revealed in a person, then nothing else is revealed to him. The rest is based on his self-nullification relative to this black point. A small Light begins to shine to the person, playing with him around this point, which is felt like the thirst for adhering to the upper.

The Light comes intermittently, causing ups and downs in a person, working on him, forming various qualities in him from the right and the left side. After some time, he feels that this point is very important, that it is necessary to hold on to it, and that it means self-nullification.

After all, all the spiritual advancement is based on the fact that the person rejects the entire world that the Light is drawing for him now, from that space in his desire to enjoy which is revealed to him as pictures of this world where he seemingly lives. It is like a dream, but it appears like life because of the pictures that appear in his mind.

Then, he begins to understand that the process that he needs to go through is in faith above reason, that is, in bestowal above reception, reason, understanding, when adhesion is valued above everything else. Then, he begins to work methodically, step-by-step, constructing in himself, on the basis of this point, his spiritual world above all the conditions that the Creator sets for him.

This world is built from the same space where, prior to that, he or others were the masters, and now he reveals that only one upper force, with which he is in mutual communication reigns in that area. The Creator is working on him all the time, sending various problems, troubles, but the person begins to understand that only by attributing this to the Creator, besides Whom there is none else, and Who sends all these problems on purpose to make the person to pay attention to Him. Only in this way can he turn all the bad events into good ones, darkness into light.

However, it is under the condition that the person understands and is grateful for everything that happens. Even he, himself, is waiting for the pre-dawn darkness in order to turn it into Light, attributing it to the Creator, Who arranged this on purpose to give the person the opportunity to rise above his feelings and justify the Creator, thanking Him for all the exercises. Only then can they become partners, and the person will adhere to the Creator.

Then, the black point becomes the center of the universe. The universe, the first nine Sefirot in relation to the point of Malchut, is the very space that the person gave to the Creator on his own accord, by virtue of his love. Thus, he built the center of the infinite universe from the point in the heart that was revealed in him at the beginning of his path.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/31/13

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