The Human Begins With A Prayer

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person find out whether he acts on his own awakening from below or if he is awakened from above?

Answer: A person never acts on his own awakening. The awakening from below does not exist. Where could it come from? However, if a person works correctly and establishes the right attitude to his life, feeling within that everything is organized by the Creator, then his reaction is called the “awakening from below.”

However, the “awakening from below” as such does not happen. Can a material be awakened if it is completely dead? It is not even able to feel anything. It goes a long way of developing: electrons and positrons are combined into atoms, molecules are built from atoms, molecules begin to link with each other and grow. At some point, life appears inside of this creature. It begins feeling itself first, then the environment. Due to these feelings, the mind develops in it, and some kind of intelligent life emerges.

All this requires many changes in the initial element of matter that consists of the plus and the minus, and although we do not see, it already contains those internal forces that later will develop into the mind and heart in the form that will become similar to the Creator.

The awakening from below cannot exist because at the heart of creation, first of all, there is the Light as “existence from existence.” Therefore, no matter what happens, everything begins from this existence from existence. The only question is where to begin counting the reaction of the created being that can be called “existence from absence,” as if from nowhere, as if his own prayer (MAN) is the awakening from below.

We begin to count this awakening from the first conscious human response to something that happens in him when he realizes that all of this comes from the Creator and that the Creator created him in this form and set all the external and internal conditions. If a person wants to react as if seemingly against his own desire and builds his attitude toward the Creator above his nature, then this is called the awakening from below.

There are some kind of calculations and actions of the person in this reaction, but of course, all this is based on what the Creator organizes for him from above. We see the same thing in children. A child grows up and suddenly begins to respond as an independent person showing his character. Prior to that, he acted instinctively and suddenly he demonstrates his own attitude to what is happening.

We already are beginning to see how a person is manifested in him because he begins to act independently. Of course, there is no independence in our world, and in essence, a child just shows one of the forms of his desire to enjoy that are inherent in him. However, if a person builds faith above reason, that is, bestowal against his nature, then it is called spiritual work.

This faith can be built only with the help of the Light that Reforms and according to the example that a person sees in the attitude of the Creator toward him. Therefore, the first moment, when he begins the creative work of building his own self in order to become similar to the Creator and become like Him, is considered the beginning of the human being and the beginning of the prayer, MAN, the awakening from below.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/31/13

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