A Fellowship Of Good Will

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People who have passed through a series of roundtables, as a rule, don’t want to disperse, they become sympathetic to each other. Therefore, it is necessary to help them to create a fellowship with common goals. What is this fellowship?

Answer: People who create integral fellowships suddenly begin to feel that someone understands them, that they can find a common language between them, and even though the point of view of one is opposed to the opinion of another, he is ready to cooperate with the rest, ready to accept them, this becomes their goodwill. This feeling that is created as a result of communication like this gives a person a feeling of a new world, a new understanding, new sense of peace, and cooperation, everything that is so lacking today with people.

Therefore, they don’t want to part, and this is felt very strongly. When we expand the range of issues discussed, they are ready to talk about other subjects and find a wider and wider platform for interconnections.

They begin to be attracted to each other, begin to feel that they are found in one bundle, like mountain climbers or divers, so much so that a feeling of belonging to one shared whole takes hold of them.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/15/13

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