The Suicide Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Geoff Mulgan, economist, author of The Locust and the Bee: Predators and Creators in Capitalism’s Future): “The economic crisis was a dramatic reminder that capitalism can both produce and destroy, but the crisis also presents an historic opportunity to choose a radically different future for capitalism, one that maximizes its creative power and minimizes its destructive force. …

“Capitalism at its best rewards the creators and makers who create valuable things for others, like imaginative technologies and good food, cars and drugs: the human equivalents of industrious bees. By harnessing their energy capitalism can make everyone better off, more than any other economic system in human history. But capitalism also rewards takers and predators, the people and firms who extract value from others without contributing much in return. Predation is part of the everyday life of capitalism, in sectors as mainstream as pharmaceuticals, software and oil, where people’s money, their data, their time, and their attention are routinely taken in fundamentally asymmetrical exchanges. …

“So what is to be done? The answers can’t be found in endless summits trying to wish the pre-2007 economy back into existence, or in yet more doses of stimulus or austerity. Instead we need to map out more of what the future economy will, could and should look like. … I also look at what needs to be happen in welfare and consumption, and radical options for the taxation of wealth that would help to reduce the chronic waste in consumption amongst the top 1%.”

My Comment: Nostalgia is the lot of the elderly who have no future, ideas, and understanding of how to live further. We need to change not the system, but the human being. Many are already thinking in this direction, although they cannot find the means of change. It is possible to change a person, but only by the influence from Above, by the force that is manifested in our correct unity. This is what the method of integral education teaches.

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