The End Of Capitalism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Khazin, an economist, from the end of the 19th century ‘left’ views have developed under the strong influence of Karl Marx who created a systematic and global description of the whole world, starting from ‘Adam’…. History, philosophy, and political economy, all of it was conveyed in a ‘transparent’ language, which created a very appealing and convincing approach whose authority increased constantly until the 1980’s.

“The capitalist world, however, didn’t have such a ‘transparent,’ unified approach, and so it was decided to create it in the form of ideological resistance, which began but did not succeed, and the current ideological crisis is an example of this.

“Since ideological resistance wasn’t very serious, some of its basic principles were not based on logical philosophic constructs, but were rather a rigid negation of corresponding Marxist ideals. In particular, if Marxism was a result of the end of capitalism, the basis for the Western approach is the assumption that capitalism is infinite.

“[However] …since the process of the expansion of markets is limited by the size of the earth, the scientific-technological process is limited by time and must, therefore, come to an end!

“The crisis of the decline in the effectiveness of capital that has been going on for several years cannot come to an end in the framework that preserves the previous model.

“…similar crises in the past were overcome by destroying the competition, and expansion was possible. But today the markets are global and it is impossible to expand them.

“All the theories included the principle of ‘infinite’ capitalism. And this is the tragedy of the modern ‘Western’ economic thought: The current crisis is the end of the scientific-technological paradigm, which actually cannot be described using its language.”

My Comment: Here comes the realization that it is impossible to describe the new economic system by using the old terminology, and in the meantime our egoistic thinking doesn’t allow us to move on to new concepts. Only the recognition of the bitter end will enable us to accept a new social model: integral, equal, and reasonable production and consumption, as described in “The Future Generation” section of Kabbalah.

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