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Dr. Michael LaitmanSo far, throughout the history of humankind, only those with a point in the heart established a connection with the upper force. And for mankind in general this relationship is not required: All of them had their own gods, their beliefs, that originated in pagan Babylon.

However, in this modern era, deities are being cast down from their pedestals. People are giving up their religions and ceasing to believe in science and are immersed in crises, not knowing where to turn for help and how to rebuild their lives.

The human world is collapsing. Previously, the belief in a higher power strengthened people in the face of adversity, and even death left a hope for a future world. However, today these arguments do not work, so now is the time to speak to the people. We can be their loving parents.

Of course, we must bear his message carefully and put it in specific explanations that are appropriate for a particular audience. Meanwhile, day by day, from election to election, people are increasingly aware that no one will help them. Gradually, they are forming a distinct, clear sense: Nothing will move toward the future.

This allows us to declare our message because our solution is completely different from the others and our voice continues to ring out when the others die down, when all the gates are shut except the “gate of tears.” This decision comes to a person only when he is desperate and sees no way out. Then, he is suddenly ready to hear us and receive our words: here lies the opening, the “eye of the needle,” through which to escape from disasters.

In fact, one feels that here lies a relationship with a higher power and the opportunity to use it. We offer him a chance, a special technique, that allows him to awaken contact with the “upper energy” that can fix us, fix our world. We, ourselves, do not do anything; we only open this tiny door slightly, and everything else carries a huge “energy” of a higher order. So, let’s make a seminar in the right interaction between us.

People are ready to hear us.

Question: Unfortunately, we hear only the oppressed, those who work from morning to night, from which there is no exit, no escape from the modern “slavery.” And it’s scary: Can they really hear us only when everyone will be in a position of absolute hopelessness?

Answer: No, it’s just that one hears according to his current state. Do not think that the “great world” turns a deaf ear to our promise. The current arrangement does not relieve them from worrying.

After all, global trends are a great concern. In fact, we have lost control over what’s happening. It is like we are in a car with no brakes on downward slope, with no end in sight. We cannot get out and cannot do anything. The steering wheel barely holds us on the road, the speed is increasing, and we already can see that soon we will not be able to control the car.

Once on the road, in a similar situation, I clearly saw two possibilities: either crash into rocks or turn into a bus in front of me to mitigate the blow a little bit. I was on a long descent downhill, I had to do it, and I used the opportunity since otherwise we were heading for disaster.

So, I think that those in power, too, feel like this today, but still do not hear us about a decision. We have not tried to really get through to them.

Besides, there always are people that are not sufficiently developed that are ready to settle for today’s benefits, not thinking about tomorrow. As it is written about them, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.”

Anyway, we must continue to disseminate widely, without despair. Perhaps, we will be heard in ten years. So what? The global crisis, in any case, will not end until we connect to humanity with the right intention. It will only increase, coming in waves, falling back time and time again, attacking the various spheres of life. The same disease enters the body, and while hidden affects the tissues and organs until the next paroxysm.

The current crisis has not been overcome. It is just cyclical, and ahead of us are the hardest stages. It will be “cleaned” before the end of humanity. It “will squeeze all the juice out of us,” clueless with no opportunity to escape. Nothing will help: not religion, not riches, nor hope for loved ones. Children will betray you, your family will throw you out of your house, and you will not find a home anywhere else: All of this if you’re not ready to accept the method of correction.

Of course, the goal is not to do away with humanity; it is only to summon you to the right intention. Do you want to change, to gain equivalence of form, and rise to the level of the Creator who sends you this trouble?

Yes, it is He. Rise to the next step and look at what His intentions are. Grow up, be with Him in mind, and suddenly you will see that it is not trouble, but the expression of love. This feeling suddenly is born into your new vessels, desires. Moreover, you will find that in the past there was never any trouble and He did not send anyone suffering. Now, you will get a clear understandable view.

Question: Will we, at least, be able to cope with the problems?

Answer: Under the current approach, no one will be able to cope with the problems of the world. Day by day, year by year, we only weaken under their yoke, plunging into despair, feeling helpless, and not wishing to make any effort.

Conversely, if we have the right approach, if people would correct themselves, they will not have to confront the issues. Adversity will become merit, pleasure, and the world a vessel full of all good things.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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