The World Is An Infant In Our Hands

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe do not deceive people; they really will get what they want from the higher Light, which will be revealed. After all, this is the same source. The Creator awakens a lack in them and it seems to them that they have problems in children’s education, security, and health. And we promise that all this will improve and that we will fulfill them. That is, we work together and fulfill all these needs because we reveal the power of the environment, the power of the society, and with the help of this new power, we correct all the problems.

This will succeed; we are not lying to them. The world will truly change for the better. And together with this, they will feel that they are acquiring a method that makes it possible to attract the power of society, the power of connection, the unity, that is, in essence, to attract the Creator to us, only in a concealed form. After all, in the meantime they don’t have the Kelim to discover Him explicitly.

And so they will feel how they get power as a result of connection. And they will also understand that they require us in order to be connected otherwise they will not succeed. Therefore they will be more and more dependent on you. So we will work together. Gradually they will get a new concept of what the desired fulfillment needs to be, what true security is, true education, and true health. All of these concepts will change, as it does with a person who advances and evolves, but we are talking about completely earthly things.

The purpose and program of the Creator is to be revealed in the creatures to the final point of this world and not only in humans, but also in the animate, vegetative, and still levels of nature. Thus all levels of creation will be completely filled with Light.

The Creator enjoys being discovered in the creatures because they enjoy this; they feel more security, health, and so forth. And they get all this through us, because through us the Upper Light makes all the changes in them. They will begin to be changed fundamentally, to evolve, to be more conscious. But this consciousness will grow the deficiency in them, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Their deficiencies (AHP) will evolve more and more; new demands will appear in them, and in the end they will reach a need for contact with the Creator.

People will increasingly need us, depend on us, and demand more from us. They are already beginning to understand that we are their guides and they will require more qualitative work from us. They will feel that they are absolutely dependent on us, like an infant depends on his mother, and they will adhere to us. This connection will grow and manifest more; for everyone of us will hold millions, as if, children who are clinging to their mother and won’t let go. This is because they will feel that not only do their lives depend on us, but much beyond this.

They will not know exactly from where this power comes and what this is; for in the meantime they will not get a clear feeling of the Light. But they will feel that they depend on us one hundred percent: for life or death. This is like an infant who begins to scream when his mother leaves him for a moment, as if for him it were the end of the world.

To bring satisfaction to people or to the Creator is the same thing. We will see how the Creator is revealed in them and will feel that through our giving them satisfaction, we give contentment to the Creator. The desire of the Creator is to do good to His creatures and to be discovered in His creatures. The method of Kabbalah is the method of revealing the Creator to His creatures in this world. We are only the conduit; the Creator will be revealed within the people. We only turn on the ignition and start the engine. Before us is a system, and it is up to us to activate it, to make it possible for the Light to enter it. The ignition is in our hands.

This system is called Malchut de Ein Sof, within which is found the Light and the Kli that are arranged in two tiers: the substance and filling, and as the relationship between them. Everything is found within that system and there is nothing outside of it. And we don’t belong to this world; we are something foreign and not typical of this world. The Creator gave us an opportunity to be concerned for this world, like aliens from other worlds. After all, our point in the heart is a “part of the Divine from above” (Job 31:2).

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