The Meeting Place With The Creator Cannot Be Changed

Dr. Michael LaitmanRav Kook, “The Purpose of Israel and Its People’s Specificity”: There is a need for much studying in many generations that lays the beginning of the high ideal of serving the Creator, given to Israel. Its goal is the elevation of the entire humanity.

It can only be raised through the elevation of the people of Israel—the people who started to illuminate the darkness of the world and have to finish what was begun. Only in its own light, clearly realizing its importance and mission, will it learn how sublime and beautiful this goal is.

Question: The responsibility for the humanity imposes more responsibility on Israel and makes greater demands compared to internal, group work …

Answer: I need the group in order to get power from them. The group is my upper. I constantly recharge my “battery” in the group; I meet with our common power in it, with the Creator, and based on that, I appeal to a wide audience.

The group is “Israel” from which environment I can go out to the people, to all of humanity. To keep in touch with the task, with the goal, with the Creator, with the method of correction, with the force that unites us—the force of love and support between us—I have to be in the group. Otherwise, I just have nothing with which to “reach out to people” because I have neither strength nor the right approach.

Question: So in his articles about the group, did Rabash want to explain to us how to be “recharged” by friends to transfer energy further?

Answer: Of course. In general, every Kabbalist said as much as he could say to reveal in his generation. Therefore, Baal Shem Tov began to implement the method in the form of Hasidism, and then Rav Kook, Baal HaSulam and Rabash continued this revolution in spite of resistance.

Question: So today it is possible to reveal love and bring pleasure to the Creator only by working with a wide audience?

Answer: Yes. You come to a group and unite with the friends in brotherly love to gather strength and power and to take the right course to turn to the masses. It is among them that you will discover the need for the Creator. Your relationship with Him will be manifested there. There, among the people, He dwells. “Do you want to find me? Please. I am there and nowhere else.”

This is the specificity of our time in the “era of Mashiach (Messiah)”; we begin to actually implement the method, going out to “the people.” We just prepare ourselves in the group, it gives us strength, but the action itself is carried out among the masses, where we are building the “Third Temple” from the broken vessels of the entire world.

That is why Baal HaSulam says that the deliverance of Israel is possible only after the whole world learns about the method of correction due to our work with the external audience. Just as Pharaoh knew the God of Israel and agreed to let the people go.

Working with external desires, we do not correct them all at once, but start the process of sorting and the correction of the vessels belonging to the worlds of BYA, and to the same extent come out of exile. After all, the “exile” for the vessels of bestowal is the inability to correct the world. “Deliverance” means that we can take the broken vessels of the worlds of BYA from humanity, raise them to the Creator, and thus bring Him pleasure by allowing you to open them.

In doing so, we ourselves are just intermediaries, the connecting link.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/27/13, Writings of Rav Kook

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