Archaeological Digs Instead Of The Work Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe will never be able to be present in the process of the extension of the “worlds” from above to below, for this happened before we appeared. In this world it is impossible to be present in the past and to participate in historic events that took place before us. We cannot know what happened in history if this knowledge was not recorded or passed from person to person.

We only find some kind of testimony; from the ground we dig up the remains of the dinosaurs, bones, other objects, and with the help of scientific investigators we can somehow describe to ourselves which processes took place before us. But all this is no more than speculation. Also in the spiritual world there is now way to know at all about previous events, for there is nobody who can tell us about them.

In our world, the earth’s crust preserves within it layers of all the geological periods that have passed in the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, even before humans were created. By studying it we can get some kind of knowledge about our history. Similarly, in spirituality we can learn from ourselves about processes that happened before us, but nevertheless, these things are no more than speculation.

In spirituality, attainment is based upon a process of ascent from below to above. This is a very unique process that has no material parallel. Through Reshimo (informational genes) and all the forms that are found in us, we are ready to begin to rise, that is, to perceive the entire process of the work of the higher power that created us.

Our ascent from below to above is through attainment, through the acquisition of vessels and Lights. We don’t go back in history, to all the smaller vessels and less Light, to more and more primitive forms as if we were turning evolution backward and returning to the beginning of the process through which we have passed in this world and in spiritual development. On the contrary, moving from the bottom up, we gain a sense of the Creator and the mind.

That is, we don’t return to our roots to become simpler and less complex, to before the initial state, and with this to know ourselves better and better. For if we returned to our roots, then we would become more primitive, we would lose our complex organization, and accordingly, we would understand, feel, and perceive less.

Therefore, during the process from below to above, to our senses and mind of  creation, we add the senses and mind of the Creator. We don’t perceive the structure of the creature on each and every level; rather, we perceive the structure of the level itself, that is, the structure of the Creator, His relationship to the creature on that level.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/20/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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