Born Again On Every New Degree

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is a Kabbalist able to measure precisely the “miraculous force” of the upper Light like in a scientific experiment, or is it an axiom for him, like it is an axiom for us?

Answer: No, we never know how we rise to the next degree. It is like in the example of Rabbi Shimon who fell so low right before attaining the highest degree, the final correction, that he became a regular person, just Shimon from the market.

When it comes to the next degree, we always operate through faith above reason, and we never know what will happen there. Since I already have experience, I can say that greater bestowal and greater love and unity await me there, but because I do not yet actually feel it, I have no ability to predict anything with even a 1% accuracy.

It is always something absolutely unexpected and new, a full “upgrade,” a complete change of all my components, improvement of the entire ten Sefirot. Usually, it is felt as a very strong renewal which gives such an overpowering impression that everything turns upside down in comparison to what it was before.

The entire perception of reality, sensations, and understanding change. This happens on every degree, regardless of where the person is. It is a new creature every time.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/2011 on The Importance of the Study

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